DIY fabric wall organizer – this is what I made after playing with the sewing machine!

Some things just make life easier. From the various assortments of helpful gadgets one can find in the kitchen to the space-saving furniture in the living room; so many things are invented to offer more comfort for busy moms like me! I’m happy these days with the tools I use for my craft projects as well as the sewing machine which is a big help to my DIY clothing projects at home. A well-equipped working area is what most crafts enthusiasts wish for; a place where they can unleash that creativity within. *wink*
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September 19th, 2010it’s turned off

After days of letting my mind work to its fullest, it is blank. I’m trying to squeeze out thoughts but it won’t work at all. What to do when this happens?

Its better to let it take a rest. Forcing it is futile and can only cause stress. A long sleep will produce good results and prevent age spots! Usually, ideas and inspiration just overflow when I am relaxed and well rested.

Good night everyone! I’m off for my beauty sleep.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

September 15th, 2010be organized!

It’s interesting to be working at home in the internet. It forces one to be high-tech, whether you like it or not. Even our three-year old girl (yeah! Caity is already three!) is now inclined to the laptop, as she watches her favorite shows like Wubbzy and friends in their adventures.

Then as one tinkers with, and browses through the different websites, which is inevitable with my kind of work, I’ve come across this document management system which will help much in making one organized – everything in its place, and neat. Its important to be organized coz it really makes work fast and efficient, just as long as Caity doesn’t interfere with my work! 🙂

watching wubbzy
“Hey Caity!  I need to use the laptop!”

May 26th, 2010when it rains, it floods

We went to a party last Friday and as usual saw the usual suspects (the same faces I see almost every week in our food trip sessions). 🙂 I know A. invited her friend from Hodonin (a city in Moravia) but she didn’t come. I learned later that because of the rains, the rivers have swollen and caused flooding in some areas in northern and southern Moravia. I felt bad for her coz they’ve been planning their trip to Prague for sometime already.

On the other hand, I am experiencing a different kind of rain-flood cause and effect in my world. Not the kind that would need pails, mops, hand dryers and lots of sun to dry out the water but…it’s been raining lots of work for me, work which will bring moolah to my pocket. And yes, I’m flooded with work! I am not complaining, but I am just overwhelmed! I’m happy that I’ll be able to earn extra income but at the same time, I am a little afraid that I can’t finish all the tasks given to me. Weeee!

March 24th, 2009employees wanted

Is there really lack of jobs? Then how come M has to work more than 8 hours a day, and even has to work on weekends? While others are complaining that they don’t have work or can’t find the right work for themselves, my husband has too much work in his hands. Division of labor seems to be unheard of in their company.

But for those who are affected by the downsizing of big companies, worry not.  There are plenty of work!  I stumbled on many Wall St jobs available at Financial Job Bank. 12,915 slots in all! If your line of skill is in finance or accounting, it’s a big opportunity you have to try.

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