March 12th, 2014Then and now

Strange. This happened last weekend when I checked on Caity if she was ready to go. While I was waiting for her to get done, the sight of her putting on her shoes while sitting on that pink step-up stool looked totally familiar. Then I had a flashback of the little determined girl trying to master the skill of wearing her shoes on her own. How can I forget? I even have it documented in photos and videos! I have to admit I was a bit emotional when I watched her videos and how thrilled I was when she successfully put on her shoes.

I guess I’d really flip if few years from now, I’d see her sitting in that same old stool trying on her first stilettos. Sniff. sniff. Time does fly and kids do grow. One day they’d be looking  for miami condos for sale or flats here in Prague to move in. We’d be fortunate if they chose the latter. I’d want to live close by them.

July 3rd, 2013Jump high!

The trampoline with a diameter of 3 meters occupied a big area of the lawn! Here’s M with his two eager beaver helpers setting up the big-O on a Saturday afternoon.

Look at that happy face! It was already past 8pm, but they didn’t want to stop jumping. (:

June 28th, 2013Summer plans

School break is here which means being with the two kids 24/7, at least for me.  The playgrounds nearby will be visited often, and it seems most of their indoor toys will have a long rest too – cars, ponies, musical instruments, Legos, etc.. Hopefully, we won’t hear any requests for new toys too!

We’ll be in the cottage more often too.  We were there last weekend and the kids liked staying there already since the pool was installed.  Caity really enjoyed being in the water all day! We’re adding another entertainment for the kids which would surely make them not want to go home anymore!  We bought a TRAMPOLINE! Last month, the wedding we attended had a playground in the reception venue and all the kids had a grand time in the trampoline including ours.  Caity used to be afraid of that, but after her trampoline experience there, she liked it already. There will be lots of water fun and jumping this summer for the kids (bbq & *pivo for the adults!), that’s for sure.

Also, starting next weekend, we will stay in the cottage for few days with friends before we go on a 10 day vacation away from home.

Plans have been made; let’s hope for real summer weather! Enough of the cold and rain please!

*pivo is Czech word for beer.

June 25th, 2013Popsicles

The heat was intense last week.  After a cold and wet spring, the flooding in Czech Republic and other EU cities, everyone welcomed the sun!  It also gave us a reason to eat all the ice cream we want!  But wait, that isn’t too good for the kids’ teeth, isn’t it?  Then I remembered my popsicle molds! I took them out and filled it with my easy-to-make popsicle ingredients – yoghurt, milk and sugar.  Yes, you’ll need only three ingredients.  I poured out the yoghurt in a bowl, added milk and a tablespoon of sugar, mixed everything and transferred into the molds.  Hours after, ice on a stick! The kids always look forward to eating it.

Red, red popsicles, with the 2 kgs. of strawberries which M froze.

This weekend however, we bought 2 kilos of strawberries. Gotta love real strawberries for popsicles! Way healthier than my yoghurt recipe.  We made fruit shake and the left-over I poured into the molds.  Unfortunately, it has been raining cats and dogs again since yesterday so there’s no urge to eat the cold treat. But this morning, when I took them out to transfer into a lunch box, little Adie begged for a stick.


April 11th, 2013Cake Pops

I knew the kids will be delighted with cake pops. It’s colorful, sweet and it’s on a stick! What’s not to like about it? It will surely be a hit in any kids’ parties, what do you think? I wanted to try it out with my own little darlings first.

I ordered a silicone form from ebay, but when it arrived, the kids were the first ones to use it. Well, they were attracted to the soft feel of the forms and they kept poking the convex side which pops to the other side. They said it was like the bubble wrap.

When Caity was in school, Adie had it all to himself. (:

He even took out M’s blanket and laid it down on the carpet for some serious popping fun!

Anyway, here’s my first cake pops! Like it? The kids love it! I burned the white chocolate when melting it on the microwave. I tried melting the brown chocolate in the pot, and it was better coz I can control the intensity of the heat, but whew! I had to be fast coz I was afraid it will end up burnt again.

Yummy bite!  What’s up with that look, Caity?

Oh, and this is the recipe I used for the cake pops: chocolate cupcakes recipe.
I lessened the sugar coz it will be dipped in the chocolate later which would make up for the sweetness. I also use this recipe in making brownies, I just add crushed peanuts on top of the batter before baking.

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