November 9th, 2008let it snow!

Who wouldn’t think of snow when winter is mentioned? In fact a winter without snow somehow doesn’t seem right, like what’s happened the past couple of years. Winter sports fans we’re disappointed then coz they can’t fully enjoy their favorite sports with less snow. Hopefully this year will be better and that we’ll have lots of snow all throughout the winter season.

To get ready for fun times in the snow, it’s best to reserve for *deer valley ski rentals as early as possible. They have introduced a very convenient way of renting ski equipment and that is by delivering the ski rental equipment right to the customer’s home. You only need to make reservations online or call their toll free number. If you’re worried that the boots would be too big or too small for you, fret not. They will bring extra pairs of boots of all the sizes you need for that right fit. You can also pick-up your equipment on the final day. There’s no need for you to stand in line to rent wasting valuable time. All that great services plus their best ski rental equipment offered at low prices, there’s nothing more you can ask for. Oh, they even offer technical support during the ski rental. Can you beat that? With your ski equipment already taken cared of, all you need to do is wait for the snow to come!

*US only.
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Tennis is one of the sports that I’d like to learn (yeah in my dreams!). My brother plays the sports every weekend, bringing with him his head rackets. He’s also fond of watching the sports on TV. According to him, the women’s single tennis match in the German Open was really amazing. I don’t know if you have watched it.

It reminds me of the David and Goliath battle in the bible stories. You have heard of the Williams sisters, and they sort of intimidate their opponent on the courts on account of their power and built. Some say they are the giants. That’s why Serena Williams is the top five women tennis player in the world with 17 matches unbeaten streak in the tour. She has her Wilson tennis racket to thank for the win too! Read the rest of this entry »

The Astros are back for a round of thrill-packed baseball match against the Cleveland Indians. The Houston based Astros have high expectations for their speedster Michael Bourn as he takes the center field with shortstop Miguel Tejada and with Kaz Matsui playing 2nd base for Craig Biggio who had his last game during the previous season. Biggio is a Texas baseball Hall of Famer who achieved 600 doubles, 250 homers, 3,000 hits and 400 steals. It is to be noted that the Astros have gone through quite a transformation in the offseason which will hopefully shine through in their games this season. Fans will certainly be looking forward to see how their favorite Astros will play after some changes with the club.
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February 7th, 2008a new blog on RC cars

Tell your boyfriends or husbands about this new blog! It’s the RC Cars Tips and Tricks blog which is owned and created by the RC Nitro Cars and Buggy Champion Igor Preshukhin, last December 25, 2007. The blog is catered for those who are fond of cars, as a hobby or racing with it. You’ll find interesting articles that tackles car-related topics. Each post is accompanied with pictures which makes it appealing to readers. If you want to ask anything about RC cars, Igor is willing to answer all your queries. Who else would know better about RC cars than a buggy champ?

January 28th, 2008learning to play golf

Who’s into golf? If you’re still new to the sports, worry not! There’s a site offering golf tips for beginners and non beginners too! Whatever is your skill level, you will find lots of tips, instruction and you can even interact with other golf enthusiasts. Where can you find a golf website that has extensive videos to show you the right swing? So what is this site? Click on and you’ll see!

There are links to golf instruction videos, books and online golf lessons. For members, there is a special online golf video which tackles in depth rotary golf swing and provides full golf game tracking tools and customized instruction based on your golf swing. If you’re serious with golf, you better check this site out!

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