If my notebook can talk, it would probably give me a good scolding coz it’s overworked! It actually went on a strike a few times. My husband said it’s because I’ve installed many programs on it which is why it’s working sluggishly. He’s right! It seems my system registry needs to be cleaned. If you’re using Microsoft for your OS, the registry is where almost anything related to the operating system itself and all installed software are being stored. Every time you install or remove some features and programs, this information is stored in the registry. It might seem like a good idea but it can create a little problem. Not all programs clean after themselves and the registry grows bigger and bigger as more and more programs are installed. It gets fragmented but it might also easily get corrupted. Since Microsoft does not offer any tools to keep the registry in good shape, users have to look elsewhere.

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March 8th, 2008screen burns away!

We have a 30 inch computer monitor at home! M even took a pic of little C with the monitor in the background. It’s huge! It’s great for watching high-definition videos! But you know what, it’s not ours. Hehe It came with the two computers M is assembling this weekend. He said it costs about $1700 USD; that’s lot of money spent for a monitor huh! But they’ll be using it for ACAD works.

It’s a pity if such an expensive monitor will only get screen burns in the future. As much as possible they would want to use them for long time so it’s worth the money they paid for it. It can actually be avoided. There’s a PixelProtector DVD sold in the internet that can protect the monitors and TV from screen burns. Aside from the screen burn removal and stuck pixel repair kits, PixelProtector comes with 3 fantastic screen savers, plasma tools and lcd setup tools! Who knows when it will get screen burn but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m sure nobody would want that to happen to their monitors.

January 9th, 2008copying a website

Believe it or not, you can now download an entire website if you want to. With the powerful website downloader software, you’re only 3 clicks away from swiping that whole site, you can also grab images, video and audio files, and customise the results. This amazing software has already been featured on CNN, PC Magazine and The Web Magazine.

By paying a one time cash out of only $16.95 you already get to enjoy this software which you can easily download after paying thru Pay Pal. Take a look at their website at http://www.web-site-downloader.com/. Enable yourself to copy web site anytime, anywhere with Web Site Downloader!

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