The weekend before I got sick, I was busy sewing a Snow White dress for Caity. I was hesitant to make this project because it seemed difficult but M encouraged and assured that I can do it. It helps to have a supportive husband!

Caity was sick that time and the dress cheered her up. She asked to watch the movie while wearing the dress and even slept on it on Sunday night.

I also bought that weekend some Burda dress patterns which I still have to learn how to use. It’s a bit intimidating! But I’m taking it slow, not pressuring myself. I usually spend most of the time repairing mistakes in my projects because I hurry! That has got to change. Who knows one day I’d be really good with sewing and even make an awesome dress for myself or an equestrian apparel for Caity’s dress-up.

So Caity wore her Snow White dress to their school’s carnival day, and she was a pretty Snow White. (: