November 17th, 2010a photobook

I’ve been checking the website almost everyday for their deal of the day. They feature special deals from various sponsors daily. They offer discounts on beauty, wellness, restaurants, salons, mobile services and a lot more. For today, they have this interesting offer; its a 50% discount on a photo book wherein you can choose your own templates and place photographs and texts to it. It comes out like a magazine with glossy pages.

You can choose the cover of the book, whether soft or hard-bound…

I’ve been meaning to print out our family (especially the kids) and vacation pictures but we don’t have our own printer supplies but with this photo book, I don’t have to worry about printing. I just have to check with M if the price is reasonable enough.

October 2nd, 2010treatment for addiction

Getting help for drug or alcohol addiction has never been this easy as before. There are many drug and alcohol rehab centers and programs geared towards helping these people get back on the right track. One of which is the Malibu Horizon which offers the non 12 step. It is a clinical approach to recovery that is effective and research-based.

If you have a loved one or know somebody who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, you can refer them to this kind of treatment. They provide a personalized program acknowledging that each patient is different from the rest so you can be assured that the patient’s needs will be addressed accordingly.

August 18th, 2008hosting needs

So many contests are going on in the blogosphere these days! Lots of bloggers are giving out EC credits, some are giving out cash, goodies and web hosting too! I have a blogger friend who’s planning to hold a contest wherein she will give out either EC credits or free web hosting. I was excited to join her contest though I chose the EC credits so I can use it to advertise in other websites but I also wanted to win that free web hosting coz I recently bought a domain for an upcoming project. But it seems she’s busy lately; I haven’t seen her around the net for sometime now. Anyway, my project is already on and yes, I’ve got the web hosting services I needed after the long selection process.

Some friends have been asking me about my web hosting company coz they want to compare the services and packages with what their host is offering. They’re planning to create new websites and they want to know which hosting company offers the best in terms of services and prices. Though my provider isn’t the best, I can say that it fulfills most of the criteria I’m looking for a web host which unfortunately don’t seem to be good for my friends. Instead I told them to look for other hosting companies such as Networks Solutions which might provide them with their needs.

June 6th, 2008when the mind goes blank

Earlier I wanted to make a personalized shirt online at Sonic Shock but couldn’t make up what text to write on it. The graphics and colors were already provided for, I just chose which design I liked but when it comes to the text my mind was totally blank. I wanted a catchy phrase or a funny one. So that was it. I just stopped. Then I moved on to the cute essential tote bag which was begging to be splashed with images. I placed a heart there and nada, blank mind again. I guess designing my own shirt or bag is not the right thing for me to do now.
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May 29th, 2008helping a friend

I have been encouraging a friend to get her own domain. She has a blog hosted on a free platform and she has started monetizing it but as we’ve known, free blogs have limited features and there are advertisers that prefer their ads to be posted on free domains. She’s finally realizing that after she failed to qualify for several assignments from advertisers. It’s her turn now to keep reminding me of helping her sign up for a web hosting company for her domain name registration and hosting services.

Since I’ve been busy, I wasn’t able to help her with it. It takes time to search for cheap best hostingcompany. I remember when I was starting then, M and I had to search and compare several hosting sites to find the best in terms of price, features, speed and size. It was a big disappointment when after I had signed up, we found a much cheaper and better hosting company.

Incidentally as I was checking on my assignments online, I found which lists down the best hosting services in the internet. Some of the host companies offer host support, mysql, frontpage and hosting plans comes with free domain name.

Stumbling on this site, is it fate telling me to finally make a move in helping my friend? 🙂

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