February 7th, 2013Breathe to live

How’s the air you’re breathing?  You wouldn’t know but it might be poison!  This came to my mind because of a recent death of an expat in Prague caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. How did that happen? Apparently the faulty water heater in his bathroom was the culprit.  Not everyone is aware of that, of course – this killer that’s all the time present in homes! Good thing it was known so people will be vigilant and do necessary steps to avoid such incident from happening.  Breathing is supposed to keep us alive, but with the case of carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s breathing to die!  Ugh!

Fortunately we have a centralized water heating in our flat. Though we’re using gas for cooking, its being regularly checked, so we’re quite safe. And we breathe fresh air everyday! We open our windows for few hours even in winter to let in the cool air. Or one can get a home hepa filter system to simply purify the air around. People were suggesting installing carbon monoxide detectors just to be safe.  Do yourself a favor, if you using those small water heater or gas stoves, have it checked and install detectors!

Cellfone robberies are rising again in PH especially since it’s already school season. These thieves probably have children who needs to go to school, and they make money by snatching or robbing other people’s properties. Cellfones can easily be sold or pawned = fast money for robbers.

How can you avoid this from happening to you? Don’t use or show off your phones especially when you’re in a busy area, or riding inside a public transport. The guy beside you might be eying on your precious little gadget and is just waiting for the right moment when to snatch away your phone.

Expensive phones should be protected, like the ipad insurance available for ipad users which covers not just theft but also little accidents like spills or drops.  For a minimum annual premium, you can be assured that your phone is insured but this doesn’t mean that you can flaunt it around.  You still  have to be cautious coz sometimes these thieves don’t just steal, they can also harm their victims!

April 9th, 2009home safety

Everyday we hear horrible crimes occurring anywhere even in quite residential suburbs where it’s not easy for strangers to enter the guarded entrance without a pass, murders or burglaries still happen!

The best thing for homeowners to prevent break-ins to their houses is to install home security system. By installing these devices, you are ensured that your loved ones and even your personal possessions will be safe and secure. For a small amount of money, you can get ADT home security systems to do the job for you. You can choose between basic burglary package which includes burglary monitoring and fire safety monitoring; and the expanded package which includes burglary monitoring, fire safety monitoring, cellular backup and critical condition.

Safewatch® QuickConnect

Nothing is more valuable than being safe inside your own home and having a peace of mind. It’s better to act now than be sorry later.

October 16th, 2008where’s the car?

After more than two weeks of being away, hubby already forgot where he parked the car. I asked him earlier just to test his memory and I was right, he really forgot! He usually parks it along the street outside of our building or at the parking area of a nearby store. I hope it’s still there where ever he parked it. I also hope that it’s still intact and not abused by drunkards or thieves. God forbid! These are usual cases that happen when you don’t have your own garage.

There are even instances that cars are stolen even if they are parked in a guarded parking for rent area! That only shows that they’re not reliable either.
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August 25th, 2008“don’t eat it!”

Little C has this habit of “eating” our stuff especially electronics; remote controls, charger, mobile phones, and such. She already destroyed my optical mouse, her dad’s phone and my phone; but luckily it survived (her drool)! M gave her his old but still working mobile phone to play with, but she seems to know which to victimize.

I think we should get ourselves a water-proof cell phone case so she can’t do any harm to our unit in case she gets hold of it. No matter how she bites on it, this water proof case will protect the phone not just from water but also from grit and sand. I saw this among the many cell phone accessories sold online at SF Planet. There were so many accessories and blings for phones that I never knew existed! Anyway, the water proof case is just one solution. The best solution of all is to hide our phones away from her reach or sight.

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