Daydreaming of my crush, imagining him noticing and actually talking to me; such was one of my favorite fascinations when I was still in high school. When I recall my crushes and what I like about them, I can only smile in amusement now. There was one whom I admired because of his cute chinky eyes, another one was for his good looks, and one for this great singing voice. Oh, those were the times when my young heart’s romantic notions were filled with idealism. It seemed physical looks were all that mattered back then.

Well, my knight in the shining armor came later in my life. He was endowed with a good character, intelligence and good looks. The handsome face was an added blessing. 🙂 My love story was unique in its own way. It can be a good material for a Mills and Boons’ romance novel. Hah! Read the rest of this entry »