February 18th, 2011Wagons for your kids

Look what I found! Ugh! I just can’t get over these nice wagons for kids from Step2. This is perfect for outdoor trip especially that it will be spring in few weeks time. Wagons for two!

The Rumble Wagon Step2

The Canopy Wagon Step2

The wagons have drink holders, seatbelts, and foot wells that will keep children super comfortable. The handle can also be folded underneath for easy storage. And there is a small compartment for storing snacks, and other toys. Totally awesome!

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January 14th, 2011goals for this year

What’s your new year’s resolution?

I remember when I was in highschool, English teachers seem to love this topic for essay writing assignment after students come back from the Christmas break. Even if most of us weren’t determined in accomplishing what we write, we forced ourselves to make up something for the sake of getting a good grade. Hehehe

When I joined a multi-level company, it was there I realized the value of making resolutions or planning or setting goals. Living without specific goals is like walking on the road with no destination. But then with many responsibilities thrown at me, it’s easy to forget all these essentials in life.

Already half of the first month of the new year has passed, but it’s not yet too late to plan.
Do you want 2011 to be a different year? Do you want it to be a fruitful year for you? Here’s a checklist of the areas you have to consider when planning which I got from John Assaraf’s website. By the way, John is one of the teachers in the movie The Secret.

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September 22nd, 2010take 3!

I went to SSS for the third time today and still failed to accomplish my mission. I was there to request for a change of status and change of name. The first visit, I forgot to bring the necessary documents needed. Eeeek! My fault! The second time, after searching on my file, they noticed that I have yet to submit my Birth Certificate (BC). So today, for the third time, I went there bringing a photocopy of a certified true copy (CTC) of my BC, but they want me to show them the original copy too which I don’t have. 🙁

It seems that I have to go to National Statistics Office (NSO) and get a CTC copy or else, my SSS documents won’t be in proper order at all. Big sigh!

I know it’s not easy to get documents in NSO. I remember before, I had to get up early and wait in the LONNNNNGGG queue. The mere thought of it is already making me… 🙁 But to make it easy, I’ll just think of it as an exercise for a slimmer me which can be likened to taking diet pills found in www.weightlosswand.com.

I do hope I’ll be able to submit all the SSS requirements without a hitch on my next try!!!

September 20th, 2010i heard a whisper

Yey! I signed up for Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club last Friday and also paid for my six months membership. I was told to wait for the confirmation of my membership for 4-10 days. But today, I already received one of the freebies promised for being a member, the God Whispers Today, short, inspirational note from God which is emailed daily.

It’s a breath of fresh air, after spending time reading stocks terms, financial matters and Rx6 Reviews.

My note for today talks about the power of visualization, how our thoughts can materialize into reality. Instead of thinking about our fears, it suggests to fill our thoughts with the good stuff.

You always visualize the fulfillment of your dreams!” – God whispers

It’s good to be reminded. 🙂

September 16th, 2010friends from cebu

My friends might visit us next week! I have three friends (they don’t know each other) who have shown interest in coming over our place to see us. E is flying from Dubai to Cebu for a vacation but she said she will visit us even for just a day. She said she misses my mom and wants to visit her. Another friend is R, who is from Argao, Cebu. She’s a close friend of mine in college. The last time we saw each other was almost 6 years ago! It’s only lately that we got to reconnect through Facebook. She might come next week too! Lastly, my friend M whom I got to meet in Prague (she’s a friend’s sister) will also probably fly in to see us! Whew!

If they all decide to come next week, the house will come to life again. hehehe It won’t be a problem having them all together at once coz as you may have noticed, they’re all from Cebu and I know they’ll get along with each other easily. I’m planning to give them a quick tour of what Negros has to offer. Maybe a day in Mambukal Falls, a visit to the Ruins (yeahhhh! still didn’t go there yet!!!), feast on chicken inasal, Bacolod City is famous of, etc. etc. There are so many things to do!

I also imagine a night of chatting, catching up on each other’s lives, talking about family, kids and the usual women’s topic – matters of the heart, beauty, hmmm… we might end up discussing about the current state of our figures and talk about  lipo 6 hers review. Oh weeeeellll! Whatever,  I’m so looking forward to seeing them all!

Oh I forgot to mention that another friend of mine from Cebu is already here for a week. I feel very blessed to have friends who’d take time and effort just to see us.

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