February 18th, 2011Wagons for your kids

Look what I found! Ugh! I just can’t get over these nice wagons for kids from Step2. This is perfect for outdoor trip especially that it will be spring in few weeks time. Wagons for two!

The Rumble Wagon Step2

The Canopy Wagon Step2

The wagons have drink holders, seatbelts, and foot wells that will keep children super comfortable. The handle can also be folded underneath for easy storage. And there is a small compartment for storing snacks, and other toys. Totally awesome!

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April 2nd, 2010blinds vs. curtains

Furnishing on a budget is challenging.   With so many things to spend for, one has to make a painstaking research and compare materials which don’t cost too much but still look classy and appealing.

Good thing there are cheap alternatives to the real thing, such as the faux wood blinds that my sister used in the condo unit which I mentioned few posts ago.

Here you can see that aside from the living room, the kitchen window also used the faux wood blinds.

With more than 6 window panels in the unit, big amount of money was saved as there’s no need to provide curtains anymore. While curtains need to be regularly cleaned, washed and pressed; care and maintenance of wood-like blinds is easier, just wipe with damp cloth and you’re done.

February 21st, 2010gym-enthusiast

I have a cousin who is a part owner of a popular and successful fitness gym. This is proof that people are getting health conscious, spending a bigger part of their money for fitness and wellness. Most gym-enthusiasts regularly maintain not just vitamins, they also include the best whey protein powder and other food supplements in their daily intake. No wonder only a special breed of people can keep up with such a lifestyle. For one thing, a person has to be self-disciplined to maintain regular exercise and regular intake of health products to complement their gym activities.

January 30th, 2010on baby shower gifts

Let’s say your friend’s baby shower party is almost here and you’re still thinking about what to give. Well, I didn’t have this dilemma because I was the one expecting a child and my friends organized the party for me. 😉

Here are some suggestions from a second-time Mom:
Baby pillows, blankets, and beddings
Diaper cakes (yes, they’re not only practical but cute as well)
Baby bath products
Terry washcloths, cotton towels, and burp pads
Car seat
Bob stroller
Baby hats, gloves, socks and booties
Baby books and educational toys

There you go! Just take your pick and choose something that’s creatively designed and baby-friendly. Hmmm… anything else to add to the list?

August 8th, 2009stop the itch!

O-oh! I don’t know what triggered my legs to feel itchy again lately. It usually happens during winter when my skin gets very dry. But based on my experience from last year when I was faced with this dilemma, applying petroleum jelly works to keep the itch away. Thank goodness for that. I discovered it after many trial and error experiments which mostly resulted to errors! Being fond of treating my own afflictions, I usually turn to the internet for home remedies and read several skin care product reviews. My poor legs suffered badly from my mistakes then. Huhuhuhu…

My friend M.C. who’s suffering from allergy attack has it worse too. Aside from her back, her face and even lips are itching a lot. Her lips even have swollen, ala Angelina Jolie hehe.  I think it all started when we had lunch at my place and we ate dried fish and squid.  Yay! Our other friends have advised her to be careful with the food she eats as it may worsen her skin problems.  Poor girl!  They suggested she just eats porridge.

Oh well.  Time for me to rub more petroleum jelly on my legs to totally eradicate the irritating itch!

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