March 20th, 2010i want my flat tummy back!

Who needs a quick weight loss solution when lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding are doing the great job in getting me back to my pre-pregnancy weight? Right, even if I eat a lot, I still am losing weight! That’s good news for me coz spring is here and soon it’s time to shed off those thick layers of winter clothing. Which means if I want to look good for the season, the work should be done ASAP!

My concern is the flab in my tummy. I have been advised by my friend who has 4 kids to use an abdominal binder right after giving birth to get my tummy back to its pre-pregnancy form. I didn’t take it seriously though. I always forget to wear the binder especially that I’m always busy. I just found out from an article today that it really works wonders in making the tummy flat again. According to “Abdominal binding has been used to, flatten the belly, speed up weight loss, tone the muscles of the abdomen, promote good posture during breastfeeding, reposition the womb, dispel the lochia and eliminate stretch marks.”

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February 12th, 2010on slimming down

After spending days in the hospital few weeks ago, I’m back to my daily routine at home now, but this time we have little A, our new addition to the family. Whew! Life’s getting busier every day for me. With all the tasks at home, I hope they’re enough to keep me active and lose those unwanted tummy fats. I am not considering bariatric surgery at least, but I do want to trim down my waist after giving birth to little A.

January 20th, 2010bad eating habit to break

On the first month of my pregnancy, I looked like this:

Last month, you can see that my face has already become round 😛 :

And because it was the Christmas season, we were feasting on high-calorie foods here and there. Also with my sister and her family here at home, every meal was like a party.  It’s nice to eat along with a bunch of eaters with hearty appetite; something I don’t get to enjoy when it’s just me and Caity at home.

I kept telling myself that I’ll stay away from sweets and fatty foods and eat only foods that burn fat but I still failed. 🙁 I’ll confess I’ve been eating a small piece of chocolate almost everyday. Huhuhu! Let’s see after giving birth if I’ll be determined in eating healthy again.

January 12th, 2010journeys in life

It’s snowing a lot these days here in Prague. Not a nice time to go sightseeing for me especially with my baby bump, I just want to rest and stay at home. It would be nice to travel though to have a break from seeing the usual atmosphere here in the house. For those who plan to travel during spring or summer, it’s best to prepare some travel paraphernalia while waiting for the winter season to end.
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December 20th, 2009hullo!

I’m still alive! heehehe and still very much pregnant! Though I sometimes wish the baby is out sooner than February. Counting the time till my delivery date drives me crazzzy! My tummy feels heavier and I feel more uncomfortable lately. I feel constant movements from the baby, back and leg pains, tiredness, moodiness… what else? It freaks me out sometimes when I touch my tummy and feel some sharp form almost poking out. What was that? the baby’s knee? leg? Weeeeeeee! Fortunately the upcoming Christmas holiday keeps my mind off from thinking about pregnancy and stuff once in awhile.

Another thing that’s going to keep me busy is the visit of my sister and her family. We’ve got only three days left till they arrive! We have to prepare for their accommodation and prep up the flat with Christmas decors to make it glisten like diamonds, or glass tiles. 😛 I’m sure Caity girl will be happy to see her cousins from the North Pole again. She’ll have playmates to keep her occupied and entertained. And with M around for few days, I hope I can rest a bit and not worry about cleaning the house, washing dishes and cooking (uy sis can help too! 😉 ).

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