December 30th, 2013Getting kids to love music

Adie and his friends during their class' Christmas celebration.

Adie and his friends during their class’ Christmas celebration.

Parents are always proud of their kids’ talents and achievements. Nothing beats seeing your little one playing a complicated piano piece or gracefully dancing to a ballet number. This is why I’m starting my own kids early in their own journey of music and art. I try to make it fun and creative with them so they can get the most from these activities and learn a lot.
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Caity’s preschool will go for a week of spring camping this February.  Her teacher has asked us if we will let her join.  At first, we said yes. But later, I was thinking that at age 5, its probably still too early for her to be away from home, for such a length of time.  I can’t imagine how it would be like for Caity, who still is every night asking to sleep with us to be suddenly thrown out there.  Though the teacher assured us that they (the facilitators) are ready for any situation that may arise, I still don’t feel it’s right to send Caity at this time.  We asked Caity and explained about the camping, how it will be and obviously her response was negative.  Maybe a night or two would be okay but 7 nights is too much to start with.

Right now, she’s still adjusting with having to sleep in her own bed.  Then maybe the next step is to let her stay overnight with grandma, just to get her used to being away little by little from us.  And hopefully by next year, she will be ready to join the school camp and actually enjoy it.  Who knows she might like it that much that she’ll be begging us to sign her up to different camps every year, even those Academic Summer Camps. For now, we’ll skip the spring camp and wait till we see that she’s ready.

*erratum: spring camp = winter camp.

November 23rd, 2012When changes happen

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. I wonder how my parents managed dealing and raising 5 children. We only have two yet we feel like it’s too much already. The past weeks have been filled with many changes, especially with the kids’ routine and with the changes, came the challenges.

We bought a double-deck bed for the kids last month and moved Caity with her little brother in the other room. The first night, Caity welcomed it gladly. We consulted her before buying this bed, and she was happy coz it was like Peppa Pig & George’s bed. Every night, she’d still ask us if she can sleep with me and M in our bed, she wasn’t that insistent. Then came the day she got sick, and I let her sleep with us while she recuperated. That decision I made, was more for her comfort and also for lil’ bro’s health. I didn’t want both kids to be sick. After a week, it was time to get back to her own bed, and the intense resistance started.

The first two nights were the worst, she’d go in and out of the room for a countless times, with reasons like going to toilet (at 5 minutes interval? crazyyyy!, giving us kisses/hugs, or beg to sleep with us. It took so loooong for her to give up and finally slept. And just when we thought, it was over, there she was again, doing the same thing all over again. At dawn, she brought her pillow and blanket and camped on our floor. I hardly had any sleep with the little girl always moving about. Anyway, it’s almost a week, and our problem isn’t totally solved. We’re still experimenting what would work best, but one thing is for sure. Scolding her or getting mad at her won’t do the trick. Telling her that she’d make Tata and Mama happy if she’d sleep on her own, and that we don’t like seeing a crying/sad Caity worked better.

The one who’s rocking our world right now. A lot of people say she looks more like me (IMO the prettier version) but there’s no doubt she is M’s too & no need for DNA testing. She has M’s divided chin!

As for Adie, he took the switch from crib to bed surprisingly without any fuss! And we stopped giving him milk in a bottle, 3 days ago. He begged for it only the first morning, then by mid morning, he realized and accepted that we won’t ever give in to his demands. So he’s weaned from being bottle-fed but the problem is, he refuses to drink from the glass. Haha. I am really glad that Adie is cooperative with the changes, I might lose my sanity if the two kids are crying at my face.

Anyway, anyway, that’s what’s happening in our crazy little life. This too shall pass, right? (:

November 22nd, 2012Disassemble mode

My little boy is fond of analyzing things, big and small. He likes to tinker with his toys and take out the parts, disassemble them into many pieces. It’s no wonder a toy car will end up in many tiny parts after you give it to him.

During our summer vacation in the tropics, we bought a small guitar for him. After strumming with it for few hours, he was already in his tinkering mode and took out all the strings from their knobs! Everytime you put the strings back, he unravels them again. A work of a genius, indeed! LOL.
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August 4th, 2012Potty training Adie

We started weaning off Adie from diapers sometime in the middle of June.  We tried to let him take off his pants, and sit on the potty chair to which he obliged.  Yey!  First step was a success!  Every 5 minutes or so, we’d tell him to sit in the potty to wee-wee.  M and I, were like broken records. We did this about four hours on the first day which resulted to some mishaps; a wet chair, or a wet spot in the carpet, we really didn’t mind.  The important thing was that he would sit in his potty without any coaxing at all!  The next day, we were all rewarded with a pool of wee in the potty.  Are you kidding me? Second day? Wow! How we all cheered for Adie.  It was EUFA season, and all of us went shouting as if the Czech team scored a goal. “JO!” and we clapped our hands till they turned red!

Adie sitting in his throne…

Every time he does it right, we’d go “JO!!!!” Adie probably liked the idea that his act can make us all go in a frenzy and that was enough encouragement for him to pee in the potty. It was just a few hours of training at the start and not really everyday coz there were times that I was busy or we’re out.  There were also lapses, especially when I failed to remind him or when he’s too occupied with playing.  There were times that I’d grumble when cleaning his mess or washing heavy cushion pillows. It would have been nice if our our couch is made of leather or if the floor isn’t carpeted ; cleaning leather couch is easier!

Anyway, I can happily report that Adie is now 80% potty-trained.  He doesn’t anymore wear diapers in his waking hours, only during his nap time and at night and when we’re out in closed places.  When we’re in the playground, he’s running around diaper-free! So yes, its possible to potty-train kids without using fancy potty chairs with blinking lights or flushing sounds, or giving out candies as rewards; I’d say when the child is ready, he’d willingly take his part.

Next task at hand is how to wean him off totally!

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