Got two things on my mind that day – a picnic and pony-rides. I did my research, but badly. There was nothing wrong with the place, in fact it was a wonderland – well-manicured garden with the greenest grass and foliage, then there were benches, a bridge, a gazebo and probably a lot more since we didn’t get to explore the whole place. But only the part we saw already made a good impression on me. Truly a great place to spend a Prague weekend. So what can be bad about it? According to my research, they have stables, or horses. Since I’ve been promising Caity to let her go on a pony-ride, I thought they have that service too. Unfortunately, M said they only have a riding school. Too bad.

Anyway, we spent most of our time there in the playground. The kids had fun trying out the slide and riding on the horse rocker (or whatever its called). It was a perfect place for a picnic; there were lots of shades provided by the big trees around. Only the weather didn’t cooperate. It was cold and windy that we decided to eat our packed lunch at home instead. They have a nice restaurant with an access to the park’s playground which was very suitable for family with kids. There was even a bouncing castle beside it. Unfortunately we brought our own food (baked chicken with lemon grass stuffing..) which would be a waste if we didn’t eat it. We do plan to go back there one weekend, to try out their gastronomic dishes though.

On to more pictures…

1,2,3 slide!  That’s what a father should be! Spending time with the kids, playing with them, making them happy, even on his “day”…

I like the idea of using a log as the horse’s back adding a rustic appeal, unlike the usual commercial playground equipment that we’ve been seeing around.

Exploring what’s behind the chateau.

And what a nice surprise waiting for us! We found two peacocks hiding in a cave.

The dark clouds were threatening us, thus we hurried home.  We had our picnic in our living room instead, laid out a blanket on the floor and placed our food there, viola! We had an indoor picnic!

Happy father’s day and a big hurrah to the best dad Caity and Adie can ever have! Thank you for being their SUPER TÁTA!

M and the kids…

I’d like to greet my own dad a happy father’s day too.  I hoped you like my treat. 🙂 Thank you for being a wonderful and supportive dad!! I miss you and love you very much!

Kudos to all the dads out there, working hard to provide the needs of their respective families, making kids and mommies happy, sometimes even at the expense of being away from their loved ones.

January 25th, 2011adie turned one

It was Adie’s first birthday yesterday.  It was snowing all day, but that didn’t stop friends from coming over to celebrate with us.

It was a fun night with the girlfriends yet crazy as well coz the kids (though they were only three), caused a lot of riot.  They opened Adie’s gift, they were fighting over the toys, and they were even crying coz they also wanted to blow the birthday candle. But the birthday boy was cool over it and didn’t mind the competition at all.

Adie got lots of clothes, and few toys, thanks to her beautiful titas.  At his age, he still doesn’t know what he wants. When he’s big, he might request for a bike, iphone, rustic furniture or scooter.

Big sis Caity was too quick to open the gift before Adie can even get to it. Hahaha

Caity with Nikki tearing the gift wrapper. But where is the birthday boy?

Again, where’s Adie? hahaha  So hilarious!

This morning when I looked at the pictures from our camera, and that from our friends’, I found out that Adie doesn’t even have a decent picture of his special day.  So I put on his birthday clothes and set him up in front of his birthday banner and took lots of pics.  With just me and him, the pictorial went well.  That’s the first pic posted above. 🙂  Shhh It’s a secret between you and me, ok?

December 31st, 2010welcoming the new year 2011

Today is the last day of the year! How are you spending it?

I’m planning to make a special yet simple dinner later for the family. I’ve already made a fruit salad for dessert and for the main dish, a baked whole chicken. I have to add something else go with it. A veggie salad and baked potatoes probably as we have plenty in the stock. Then we’ll just wait for midnight to watch the fireworks display from our window. 🙂

Others may be planning a lavish party with friends, with lots of food and wine. For Filipinos, it will be partying with food, karaoke singing and cracking fireworks when the midnight strikes. But be careful when handling those fireworks. Dad said that there were already many fireworks-related injuries back home even before the New Year. So sad. This happens every year, but people don’t seem to learn yet about the dangers of fireworks and how it can injure or take away life.

Anyway, how ever you welcome the new year, be sure to celebrate it in a safe way!

I wish everyone a happy and bountiful new year ahead!

Parties can’t be complete without lots of food!

We recently had a sumptuous double birthday celebration for my friend A’s little boy, M and another friend F and food was overflowing. Here’s the proof:

So you think we need to buy phentermine or some diet pills after feasting on all this yummy stuff in front of us? Note that some prepared dishes were still in the kitchen and the ref, so that’s not all you see on the table. Thanks to friend A for inviting us to the party for filling our tummies with all that delicious food.  We even brought home more food. It was a fun-filled party indeed!

May 24th, 2010plus one

Last week my friends threw a birthday party for me. I wasn’t planning on having one coz of their busy schedules and all the tiring preparation it entails. 😀 But they were sweet enough to arrange it so everyone can come and the birthday girl need not worry about food. It was agreed that each of us will bring whatever we can prepare/cook/buy and share with everyone. 🙂 Actually, we can just feast over a bucket of KFC and a big pot of rice and it’s already an instant party! We’re a bunch of easy to please people you know.

So the day after my official birthday, we stormed G’s flat to party! G cooked menudo, L brought a spicy thai noodle food, F brought biko, A brought a bottle of Porto wine and M baked a blue-berry cake. As for me, I brought an uncooked whole chicken which we baked there, ingredients for pancit (which L cooked), drinks and longganisa. See, I was a queen for one day. 🙂

Here we are!

Do we look like we need the safest diet pills yet? Or we can still go on pigging out? 🙂 Coz there’s another party coming up this weekend! It’s the last for the month of May but definitely not the last for this season. hehehe I’m sure we’ll come up with excuses to feast again.

And here’s moi, ready to carve the chicken. 🙂

Thank you Tuesday group!

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