December 21st, 2011Don’t turn a blind eye

It’s difficult to pretend that life is okay when others are having a hard time coping with their sorrow, their loss and their harrowing experience. The calamity brought about by Typhoon Sendong that hit the Northern Mindanao death toll is said to have reached 1,000 and probably will still rise as many bodies are found and yet many more are missing. Dead bodies are dumped in landfill because the funeral parlors have too many corpses already.
As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us not forget our unfortunate brothers who terribly need our help.

It will take some time to clean up the debris caused by the flash floods and put everything into order; they might need trash pump for that. For now, coffins are badly needed for the rotting corpses. For those who lost their loved ones, the healing process might take long. For some, the scars might never heal at all. Let’s pray for the victims that they might find comfort and be able to surpass their tragic ordeal.

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sendong aftermath
Aftermath of Typhoon Sendong. Photo taken from

A tragic news from home greeted me when I opened the internet on Sunday morning. Iligan and Cagayan de Oro were hit by Typhoon Sendong last weekend leaving hundreds of people dead and missing and without homes as flash floods wreaked havoc on lives and properties. Most of my mom’s siblings live in these two places. I’ve got many cousins and relatives there, fortunately they are safe though for some, their homes were badly battered by floods. It’s too sad to think that this had to happen a week before Christmas.

If you want to help the victims, please do so. You can find ways how to send your donation of cash or kind in this link:
or thru Iligan Bloggers Society – One for Iligan.

Share your blessings and you will be blessed in return!

February 4th, 2010musings on a happening

I’ve not heard much news from my beloved home country lately, but the most shocking mass murders of the Maguindanao massacre has not escaped me. It saddens me to think that this can happen in our country. This must have affected much the concerned families and the government as well. Though this may have occurred in a far-away remote place, still they are a part of us, being one as a Filipino.
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It’s all over the news (even here in Prague TV) – the Typhoon Ondoy that hit Philippines badly last week which left over 140 people dead, and displaced thousands more because of the floods.  Most of these people don’t have term life insurance to aid their families in times of crisis. I am glad that my mom and sister who are in Manila are safe in the place they’re staying. And also my dad who’s left in our house in Negros, which is very near the sea. But those who were affected by the typhoon and floods, need our immediate help. Thousands of peoples are in need of water, food, clothes and medicine. What’s worse is that while the nation is still struggling with the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, another storm is threatening to hit the country this week.

According to the news “The low pressure area is predicted to continue to approach the country, near Mindanao, on Wednesday and move toward central and northern Luzon by Friday.”

Since it is still far out into the ocean, it is entirely possible that it could develop into a typhoon,” Director Prisco Nilo of Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration added.

If you want to help, you can send your donations here: Fund Drive for Typhoon Ondoy Victims or to any organizations accepting donations for the victims.  Let’s HELP!

Photo credits: Associated Press

July 9th, 2009going green

When we transferred to our new flat last February, we brought along cuttings of the umbrella plant. I’m glad to say that it thrived well and has become a healthy plant. So from it’s temporary pot (of KFC bucket), it deserved to live and flourish in a nice pot.



The pictures were taken 2 months ago. Now the umbrella plant has grown taller and bigger. it will take a few months more till it will need a bigger pot. Or I’ll just cut off the long stems. It really feels rewarding when the plants grow well under our care. It’s even more rewarding when they give us flowers or fruits.

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