I got tagged by Tere before but I was too busy then that I wasn’t able to do it. This time, she tagged me twice already for two successive days! Okay, let’s do it then. The rule is simple anyway:

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

But I’ll skip the last two items there. teehee!

So how do I describe myself today?
1. SICK! Yep, we’re flying back to Praha this Saturday and here I am down with colds again. Coming here I was also sick with fever and colds just days before our trip and then now… huhuhu
2. Lazy – I have to start arranging and pack up my things yet I don’t have the energy to do it.
3. Tired – didn’t get much sleep last night coz of my colds and also because of little C. She woke up many times during the night.
4. Happy – that I’m going to see M again.
5. Sad – that my sister can’t come with us coz she didn’t submit her visa application on time. Also sad coz I’ll be leaving Pinas again.
6. Hopeful – that my parent’s visa will be released before our scheduled trip so they can fly with me and little C.

That’s it!

If you don’t know what meme is, read Carey’s ‘My first meme‘ to educate yourself. 🙂
Anyway, my apologies to my blogmates who have tagged me. I’m a little slow in responding to your tags but I promise I’ll do it, a little patience please? This one is from pinaywife. Do drop by her blog, she’s got sensible tips there! 🙂

1. Whats one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
– nothing specific, my thoughts drift from one subject to another…

2. what’s one thing you’ve learned from a good friendship gone bad?
– that good friends are hard to find.

3. whats one thing you’ve learned lately from love?
– that it can save mankind…

4 . is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
– yes..

5. whats a happy time you’ve had in the past week/s?
– having M with us for 10 successive days!

6. how far would you go for love?
– as far as Prague, teehee! Kidding there…

7 . is there anything in your past that you’d like to do/try again?
– can’t think of anything…

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
– spring weather

9. why is this?
– it’s cool but sunny with lovely sights of nature around…

10 . who do you like to spend your nights with?
– M and little C…

11. are you an emotional person?
– a little…

12. can you cry in front of others easily?
– yes…

13 . whats something that can always make you feel better?
– being with my loved ones, food, sleep

1 4 . what does love make you feel like?
– happy, happy, happy!

15. and losing love?
– sad 🙁

16. are you self conscious?
– sometimes…

17 . do you think of others before yourself?
– yes…

18 . where do you see yourself some time next year?
– in the Philippines…

19. do you tend to make relationships complicated?
– i don’t think so…

20. do you think you’d be able to survive a whole year in jail?
– don’t even want to think of that…

21. who do you feel the most comfortable to go around?
– M, my sister C

22. is there something that you’re waiting for? someone perhaps?
– yep, M’s vacation leave!

23. one thing you’re looking forward to..
– vacation!

24. how do you feel about change?
– it might not be comfortable but it’s inevitable, so just accept it and make the most out of it.

25 . any plans this summer?
– touring Europe

26. what are your plans for your next birthday?
– nothing…

27. do you think someone out there is in love with you?
– he told me so…

28. how do you feel right this second?
– amused…

29. one word that describes you at this point of your life?
– patient…

30. what do you think about this survey?
i felt like being interviewed by Oprah! It’s amusing, some questions are thought evoking. Teeheee!

Whew such a long one… I’M NOT TAGGING ANYONE AGAIN! 🙂

December 31st, 2007my wish list for the year 2008

Here’s another meme from Carey that has been in queue for weeks already. It’s almost time to say goodbye to year 2007 and just few winks more till 2008! So the meme goes like this “…make your own LIST, meaning, things you hope to acquire in the next 6 months of 2008 and post them! (If you can get pictures, then go ahead, post them as well!). And since there is no limit to dreaming and wishing, I’ll go sky high. Here goes:

Higher page rank for my blogs! 🙂

Vacation in the Philippines. A 2-3 month break would be really nice. Everyone back home is excited to see little C, so I expect to meet my friends in Cebu too. Either I go there or they see me in Negros.

Euro tour. I’ve been dreaming of this… hopefully we can sneak out for a day or two in Germany or Austria. How about Paris or Spain? Read the rest of this entry »

And now for the long overdue part 2 of the Thankful meme from Lazarus:

5. life in Europa.
6. good health of my loved ones and myself too.
7. my safe pregnancy and delivery.
8. friends here and there.
9. the internet – chat programs, blogs, YouTube, Google, etc. etc. etc.
10. financial blessings that includes all the moolah i’ve amassed for over a year of paid blogging.. teehee! 😀

time to pass on this meme to my blogmates: pinay wife, tere, grace, yenny, darlene, jeanette , carey and aileen. Consider this as my linky love from me to you too! 🙂

Find out how to do this meme by reading the first part: got hit by ANOTHER meme! (part 1)

This time it’s from Lazarus. I’ve been getting tagged one after another lately.This is the second meme I’m doing for this month, there are two more waiting.

What I like about this tag is that it asks me to write down ten things I’m thankful for which is timely coz it will be the end of the year soon. So it will be a summary of the blessings I’ve received for this year.

1. Little C – wow! It’s amazing how we’re blessed to be parents to such a beautiful baby. I thank God that she’s healthy and growing to be a smart little girl. Playing with her is a great form of entertainment.

2. M, my husband for his love and never-ending patience especially since my pregnancy up till now helping me take care of our little but demanding baby, running errands, doing household chores, for being my driver without any complaints; driving me to attend parties, doctor’s appointment or where ever I need to be! For making marriage a fun relationship to be in.

3. For my family for their prayers and advices. And for a lot of things they’ve done for me and in my behalf while I’m away especially my parents and Cy and for keeping me company through YM. Teehee! At least I don’t get too homesick.

4. Our own flat – we’re just renting it but thank God we’ve found this place for the right price. It’s accessible to shops, bus stop, restaurants, mall, hospital and we’ve got a grand view of Prague from our balcony. It also has a little garden which is good for me coz I like plants.

4 listed down, 6 more to go in my next post!

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