I’ve been recently looking for a nice place for our family to visit, have a picnic or tour just within our province. I found in a friend’s Facebook pictures of their visit to a monkey sanctuary. I messaged her and asked where it was. She told me it was in Calatrava, a municipality that is about five hours drive from where we live. Whew! That’s quite far. My Caity would have enjoyed watching the monkeys in real. I’ll keep on looking online for places to see, we still have lots of time anyway. I’m glad that I can get information online especially from blogs by ordinary people without having to go out and inquire from travel agencies. It really helps big time. Learning through online schools, shopping in online stores, researching from websites, paying bills online and connecting with family and friends are just some of the perks that the internet has given us. How about you?  What is the most important thing that you’re grateful about the internet?

March 12th, 2010friday conference chat

It’s Friday again! It’s the second time that my college buddies and I had a conference chat in YM. Most of them are working in the Middle East, where their typical work week is from Thursday to Saturday. Hence Friday is a free day for them, making them available for chatting.

We had a lot of fun teasing each other and some even have the courage to finally reveal their former crushes. The only problem is that YM isn’t reliable for a conference chat. There are times when my other friends cant read what’s being discussed, which is very annoying coz they’d missed the interesting scoops! Others also had problems with their internet connection or with their notebooks or PDAs, but oh well, we still thank technology for bringing us together after the long years of not hearing from each other. Till next Friday again!

January 20th, 2010techie grandma

There’s a funny TV ad about a techie grandma who’s very much into computers. There’s one episode where she talked to her nephew on a webcam and mentioning some social networking sites, another ad showed her playing computer war games, and an ad where she ordered some techie stuff on the phone while asking for senior citizen discount! Lol. Cool grandma huh. I bet she’s not a newbie to the Internet and we can even learn some website infos from her such as SEO, page rank, Adsense or directory submission services. It’s nice to see the older generation catching up with technology instead of the narrow-minded “I don’t need to learn that” attitude.

January 19th, 2010going to college… online

Why not? This is the trend nowadays, for a busy employee or a working mom planning to go to college, getting an online degree is a good alternative for them instead of studying in a brick and mortar university. Aside from saving up on gas or hiring a babysitter, studying online is more flexible as you can do it anytime and anywhere.
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December 5th, 2009my new online entertainment

Aside from blogging, I have another productive online activity that is giving me pleasure. I’m currently addicted to auctioning/bidding in a local Czech auction site. I have posted before that I signed up with ebay but I actually haven’t made use of it. I find this online Czech auction site more convenient to sell as I am now based in the said country. Thanks to my friend Tess for introducing me to this… This has been my second week since joining and so far I still haven’t sold an item. The first batch of goods I auctioned didn’t catch any bidders at all. But this time, there are several bidders. I have one auction ending tomorrow, and I have some bidders already. Weee! I am excited how it turns out!

I also enjoyed browsing at the items (from clothes to modern furniture) being auctioned that I couldn’t help but bid too! As I said it can be addicting! I have already spent quite an amount, that I’m telling myself to stop! It’s ridiculous how other people can bid so high for used items. I told my friend that with the amount, they can already buy new stuff with it. But she said, it’s challenging to bid, and it makes them proud to actually win the battle. hehe I have to agree to that.  I’m looking forward to a fruitful experience in my auction venture.  =)

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