As I was reading the info on Blue Advantage Health Plans, I couldn’t help but be grateful that I have my health insurance to cover my pregnancy check-up expenses. Check-ups can be expensive in Czech Republic if you don’t have a health insurance. Since my pregnancy requires many consultations with the doctor, ultrasound tests and other various tests it’s best to have a health insurance coz we only pay a little, sometimes even nothing when we go for my monthly check-up. Even the hospital expenses when giving birth is wholly covered by the insurance (that’s based on my previous pregnancy).

After researching a bit, I found in one forum where the woman claimed to have paid about 200,000 CZK for cost of childbirth without insurance. In my case, we paid a little extra coz we got a private room after I gave birth and M stayed with me for a night, but it was very minimal. Compared to the 200,00 CZK this woman paid, you can say it really pays off to have a health insurance.

April 29th, 2008genuine warranty for cars

I have been talking about cars lately that even my baby is starting to sound like a car. Is it a cue that she wants to ride in one of the cars I’m blabbing here?

Seriously, let me get back to cars (again?!). For those who purchased cars, what’s next after you have paid for it? You’ll need a genuine warranty . You can get this online as well at Genuine Warranty Solutions. This company started offering automobile warranties few years ago and has now expanded their services to marine and motor home. Their automobile warranties covers high end and luxury cars so all kinds of automobiles are covered in their 4 types of warranty.
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Health is wealth but human as we are, we don’t know when our health would fail us. No matter how careful we are of our diet or lifestyle, there will come a time that our health will deteriorate. To prepare for such distressing moments, a health insurance would come handy especially with the high cost of medical and health expenses. Having a health insurance will provide for your needs if ever sickness strikes. When you’re sick lying in bed, the last thing you would want to worry about is how to pay for your medical bills. All you want to concentrate on is how you can get back on your feet and be up and healthy again.

So let health insurance take care of your medical needs. Stop and ask for health insurance quotes from They offer assistance for people seeking insurance companies with rates offered in reasonable prices.

February 29th, 2008importance of insurance

Got a lot of expenses? We all do! Some people tackle this dilemma by getting insurance policies to plan for unpredictable expenses such as sickness, home repairs, auto accidents, accidental deaths, dental, health, and travel. But for most people, insurance policies are just unnecessary expenses so they don’t bother with these at all. What they don’t know is that insurance can actually help big deal in paying for these unpredictable expenses.
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February 19th, 2008insurance for the self-employed

Usually when you’re employed, it’s the company that takes care of your health insurance and they automatically deduct the dues from your salary each month. But what if you’re not employed? What if you’re self-employed? Then get a self-employed health insurance. It’s that simple.

The Vista Health Solutions offers the lowest prices available with the largest selection of health plans and quick quoting process without needing any personal information. Their services especially targets to meet the needs of self-employed and small business owners.
So if you’re residing in New York, get an instant quote from Vista Health Solutions now.

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