DIY fabric wall organizer – this is what I made after playing with the sewing machine!

Some things just make life easier. From the various assortments of helpful gadgets one can find in the kitchen to the space-saving furniture in the living room; so many things are invented to offer more comfort for busy moms like me! I’m happy these days with the tools I use for my craft projects as well as the sewing machine which is a big help to my DIY clothing projects at home. A well-equipped working area is what most crafts enthusiasts wish for; a place where they can unleash that creativity within. *wink*
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September 19th, 2012Craft room, I want!

I have been crafting lately whenever time permits me coz there’s a self deadline I’ve imposed on myself. Of course, I’m way behind but it’s okay. Nothing really important, I just want to set a goal or else my craft supplies will rot. teehee! Speaking of craft supplies, they’ve invaded our dining table for days already! Its unrecognizable with all the heaps of felt sheets lying on it, and rolls of ribbons, glue sticks. This is always the scene when I’m at work. Whenever we eat, I have to stash them away then later take them out again; it’s annoying!

I really wish for a personal space, a craft room where I can work without having to share work table with anyone else and where I can organize all my materials, away from the prying little kids. If only we have the freedom to renovate this flat we’re currently living. It actually has possible spaces which can be utilized for an extra working nook.

Here are some ways how to organize craft stuff which I’ve rounded up via google.  You see, these are only small corners which could work well in small spaces.

The photos are not mine. All taken from google.

Oh so pretty! If I have a place like that, I will definitely be more inspired to work.

I got sidetracked many times looking for craft room inspirations!  I’ve landed in some sites with rustic home accessories, also rustic dining room tables and such, which makes me wish for a house in the woods! haha

April 10th, 2011Looking for a Carpet

I was flipping through a brochure of a home store yesterday when I spotted a green carpet. M and I have talked about buying one for the balcony floor where the kids have their extended play area. Right now it’s just partly covered with a small piece of an old carpet and a rubber puzzle which covers only a small portion of the area. It would be nice to cover the entire floor or at least most of it so the kids will have a bigger space to play on. Unfortunately, the one I saw was expensive.

We really haven’t looked around different stores for this plan but usually there are stores that offer discounts or cheap carpets, discount laminate flooring and other home stuff. I guess we have to add it to our to-do-list so we don’t forget!

May 25th, 2010candice rocks!

Who’s Candice? She’s my favorite interior designer based in Canada which I got to know from her TV show, “Divine Design” wherein she does makeover of homes. She really has the talent to turn boring, ugly and dated spaces into magical, modern and elegant interiors! It’s like everything she touches, turns into one great work of art! You should see the faces of her clients during the “magic reveal” portion of the show.  They’re in awe! They usually say “I can’t believe this is the same space!”.  And I agree.

How she incorporates textures, fabrics, colors, state of the art technology, function, etc. etc. in her design is what makes her rock. You should catch her on TV or better yet, search for Candice Olson in Youtube.Though she sometimes uses her own designed products, I still wonder where she gets her super-duper elegant fixtures and furnishings. Does she also go hunting for wholesale hot tub covers or skips it and goes to stores selling high-end stuff?  I’ve seen some episode where the clients have limited budget and yet Candice can still deliver great designs.  And for that I call her a genius.

April 2nd, 2010blinds vs. curtains

Furnishing on a budget is challenging.   With so many things to spend for, one has to make a painstaking research and compare materials which don’t cost too much but still look classy and appealing.

Good thing there are cheap alternatives to the real thing, such as the faux wood blinds that my sister used in the condo unit which I mentioned few posts ago.

Here you can see that aside from the living room, the kitchen window also used the faux wood blinds.

With more than 6 window panels in the unit, big amount of money was saved as there’s no need to provide curtains anymore. While curtains need to be regularly cleaned, washed and pressed; care and maintenance of wood-like blinds is easier, just wipe with damp cloth and you’re done.

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