Three weeks ago, we met up with my friends at the playground with our kids – Tess with her Vladi (4 y/o), me and my two kids (ages 3 and 17 months), and Ai with Nikki (5 y/o) who was at that time sick with chicken pox (but was already healing which I found out later, is even more highly contagious at that stage). I was aware that chicken pox was contagious, but up to what extent, I didn’t know. But as precautionary measure, before we went down to meet with Ai, I gave my kids extra dosage of Vital C so their immune system will be strong. Then I warned Caity not to touch, kiss or hold Nikki at all coz she is sick.

When the kids saw each other, they were very happy and almost ran to greet and hug each other but I was fast to remind Caity about the rules. Nikki felt a bit bad coz Vladi and Caity were evading her. After sometime, they forgot about my warning, and treated Nikki normally. I also got lenient and brushed aside the threat coz I was a little confident that Vital C would protect my kids from the virus. Later, we went to Ai’s house, and it was obviously difficult to keep the kids away from each other. Then they went to our house afterwards too, for dinner and Piaya cooking session. My kids and Vladi, were together with the chicken pox carrier for more than four hours and they were officially probable victims of the virus after a night of playing. Read the rest of this entry »

March 30th, 2011It Starts with Stress

A friend recently admitted she’s having stress because of her relationship. Stress can cause sleeplessness, which can lead to fatigue, migraines, anxiety and other discomforts. Some people find relief in taking anti-depressants or sleep-inducing drugs such as benzodiazepines. But relying on these kinds of treatment can cause physical dependence and later on, withdrawal symptoms. Rehab centers even offer benzodiazepines detox addiction treatment to help people suffering from over dependence on the said drug. My friend is likely far from experiencing that though, however she indulges in binge eating!

Only last week, she wrote to me asking for a recipe of the food I cooked which she liked coz she wants to make it. She said, she’ll eat and eat to fight stress. Weeeee! When I saw her recently, she surely gained a bit of weight. Fortunately, she used to be very slim. So now, after all her food-binging, her figure looks better and she looks healthier. I hope though that she wouldn’t go overboard and turn herself into a fat lady. Yay!

On this note, I’d like to thank God for a peaceful life I’m living; devoid of anxiety and filled with happiness. I might sometimes complain about being too busy and not having enough time but it’s my way of letting off the steam. I don’t need any drugs to give me a sound sleep at night. Thank you Lord!

October 25th, 2010weight problems? try this

I’ve been reading Cory Quirino’s articles in Inquirer’s Lifestyle section, and found something that’s very useful. These are weight loss tips!!!

I know someone very close who’s following a low carb diet. According to the article, though this will make you lose weight fast, you will also find yourself out of energy too. Its advisable to still eat carbs during the day, but choose the complex ones such as weet potatoes, muti-grain breads and brown or red rice. Carbs should be avoided at night.

And here’s another tip that is guaranteed by Cory to produce result in three days! Simply go green! She said it will make your waistline smaller, like magic.

Hmmmm… interesting. Got to start loading up our ref with veggies? 😀

October 2nd, 2010treatment for addiction

Getting help for drug or alcohol addiction has never been this easy as before. There are many drug and alcohol rehab centers and programs geared towards helping these people get back on the right track. One of which is the Malibu Horizon which offers the non 12 step. It is a clinical approach to recovery that is effective and research-based.

If you have a loved one or know somebody who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, you can refer them to this kind of treatment. They provide a personalized program acknowledging that each patient is different from the rest so you can be assured that the patient’s needs will be addressed accordingly.

Every winter, I get this skin irritation in my legs. Its dry and itchy which sometimes lead to small rashes. The dermatologist we went to couldn’t point out what is the cause. She just said it’s probably caused by my diet, that I am lacking in fish oil or something that I am used to eating in my home country. She was like suggesting I’d better go back to where I came from! Weee!!!

Anyway, after reading about flaxseed oil which is naturally found in fish and nuts, I realized that this is what the doctor probably meant. According to the site, one of the health benefits of flaxseed oil is that it improves skin (condition). click here to know more about flaxseed oil.

Here’s more for the weight-conscious people out there. Flaxseed can help in losing weight because it is an appetite suppressant!  Oh just go ahead and click on the link I gave above! 

But since we seldom eat fish in Praha, I’d probably start looking for a health supplement containing flaxseed!

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