June 12th, 2008small yet powerful

It’s small, it’s powerful, it can spy on you, and it can travel with you where ever you go… what’s that? Little C? nope! though those descriptions fit her perfectly.

I’m talking about the small, pocket sized device that has made a big difference in people’s lives. It receives signals from the 24 Department of Defense satellites circling above the earth we live. It has an internal computer that determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters thus makes a very good spy!
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June 4th, 2008gadgets and gear reviews

Wanna know what’s the latest buzz in phones, cameras and other gadgets? Read the gadget reviews at Stuff.tv!

Stuff.tv is the gadgets and gear technology site that has reviews, news and features on the latest gadgets out in the market. Find out what are the best gadgets from their TOP 10’s. They’ve tried out thousands of gadgets and gear and came up with the ultimate Top 10 list so you don’t have to test it yourself. That’s pretty nice of them. They also have some contests where you can win special prizes. Who knows you’re the next lucky one!

Managing large structures such as a university which also houses the staff and students can be a big task. Thanks to OEM sensor products for providing reliable and low cost solutions, the campus where my brother works uses liquid level switch for their water tank which automatically controls the water supply.

Many modern buildings make use of temperature switch to detect temperature change especially in the case of fire. Level switch, float switch, flow switch are only some of the helpful tools which can make buildings work efficiently and safely. Flow, liquid level and temperature sensors can be purchased at Compac Engineering Inc. Check out their website how you can shop online for these products.

So who’s looking for a coffee maker? Well, what do I know about such equipment anyway? But I can give you a nice tip on how you can choose correctly just in case you want to buy one. The key in picking the best brand and model is by reading reviews! Yes my dear, product reviews give you an idea on how the product works.

At wize.com, braun coffee makers got good reviews from satisfied customers. You can even buy the lowest priced of all for only $28. You want to see how it looks like? Click on this: Braun BR-AR12 Don’t be shocked though!

So if you enjoy drinking Starbucks coffee, the next best thing is to buy your own coffee maker and make your own coffee. Saves you big money and keeps you holed up in your house!

December 19th, 2007he’s hinting!

5 more days to go till Christmas and we haven’t shopped yet for gifts! I don’t know what to give M. But earlier he sort of hinted that he needs a new mobile phone.

I started it anyway. I was writing about free ringtones and asked him if I can upload some dance ringtones or hiphop ringtones to my phone. Unfortunately I can’t! That’s how old my phone is! Then he showed me a link to Nokia’s new models and asked me if I wanted a new phone. It turned out he was the one who wanted a new one!

Well then, I won’t have to worry what gift to him then… if that’s what he wants, then he’ll have it! Now what about me?

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