November 22nd, 2012Disassemble mode

My little boy is fond of analyzing things, big and small. He likes to tinker with his toys and take out the parts, disassemble them into many pieces. It’s no wonder a toy car will end up in many tiny parts after you give it to him.

During our summer vacation in the tropics, we bought a small guitar for him. After strumming with it for few hours, he was already in his tinkering mode and took out all the strings from their knobs! Everytime you put the strings back, he unravels them again. A work of a genius, indeed! LOL.
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August 24th, 2012Turning five

Somebody in the house will turn five next week.  It’s still kinda unbelievable. Where have all those years gone?  Where did that cute little baby girl go?  She has grown right before my eyes but I still feel like I missed some years.  Caity is developing into her own self, showing signs of independence or dependence when it’s convenient for her :/  , negotiating (she learned this very early!), she’s learning how to be responsible, how to share, how to deal with other people (having a lil’ bro is a big help in forming these values).  You can count on her to run get a shirt, or clean up, put the dirty clothes into the laundry basket or washing machine, kiss her lil’ bro’s pain away, and she can be really, really nice and sweet!  I’d often get unexpected kisses from her, and when I ask why she kissed me, she’d shrug and say “coz I like Mama!“.  The other night, she came out of the store with M carrying two yoghurts in each hands; strawberry & chocolate flavors.  She excitedly showed it to Adie.  We told her not to give it yet to him coz he might open it and spill inside the car.  So she told him “Adie, we’ll open it at home only, okay?” Then proceeded to ask,  “Adie, which one do you like?  Strawberry or chocolate?”  “Strawberry” Adie answered.  “I only have chocolate!” Haha She’s capitalizing in her power being the big sis!

The past days, I’ve been crafting some stuff for her birthday and she always admires my work.  “Wow!  This is nice, Mama!“… “This is very pretty!”  “I like it!”  “Thank you Mama for making it“. All these just inspires me to keep on doing what I do coz I have a number 1 fan who’s always showering me with praises.  She’s not only appreciative of the things we do for her, but she’s also grateful. I couldn’t ask for more.

Oh kids.  They make life more interesting, more happy and more crazy!  We’re so blessed to have a sweet daughter like Caity.

So these are some of the colorful little things I’ve been making for her birthday…

1. crepe flowers    2. party favors   3. birthday wreath   4. lollipops & candies.

And this springbok jigsaw puzzles dubbed as Candy Galore goes well with my party theme and is a pretty inspiration for the birthday table set-up!

Sweets galore for a sweet little girl!

We bought a clothes rack which I plan to use for hanging my bags (with S hooks or rings), like the ones I saw in Pinterest:



But before I can even start with my project, the kids already have found something else to do with it:





They kick or let the ball roll in between the two bottom bars…



Third use for them – the kids would sit on the cushions placed on the bottom bars while I pushed the clothes rack as they sang “the wheels on the bus go round and round…

Until now, their new toy is in the living room.  I’m still unsure if I’ll go ahead with my original plan coz the kids are having so much fun with it! (:

It’s not over yet!  We’re still having chilly, negative temperatures here in Prague.  I’ve been making our place warm by baking often…yes! It does help to keep us warm and we get to eat freshly baked goodies afterwards.  😉


Italian Breadsticks
italian breadstick

italian breadstick

Our super Táta making pizza with the kids on a Saturday morning before heading out to play…
making pizza

HERE!!!snowy hills

Heart cookies
heart cookies

And because we’ve been stuffing ourselves with a lot of baked yumminess (is that a word? :P), we need to burn those calories!!! By doing yoga with thera band? Nope, but there’s a lot of dancing, running chasing, and horsing around happening here at home….



The kids are very fortunate to have a cool dad who can transform from being a chef into a horse or a slide.  That’s why he’s our super Táta (coined by Caity)!!!

I had this interesting conversation with my 2 year-old yesterday. [It’s STILL surreal to think that he’s already 2 (2 days ago). I have to get used counting his age by years and not by months. hmmmm or I can choose both.]. It’s nice that my little cave man has learned to communicate like a real human (or at least trying to be) showing the right manners .

So while I was puttering with the PC, he took my hand and pulled me.

Adie: Come mama, come. (saying it in his very soft voice).

He stands on the kiddie table placed beside the cabinet where some of the toys are hidden. Motions me to “Open it, please“. ( rubs palms together, which is typical for Czech kids when they want something while saying please. That’s the first time I saw him doing that!)

Adie: “This one”. (points to the cabinet)

I tried to bribe him first before following his request.

Me: Hug mama, Adie. hug mama!”

Adie: Ne! (He pushes me away defiantly).

Me: huhuhu (I gave a fake cry).

Adie: Sorry. (regret plastered all over his face).

I gave him another sad look, he reaches for my head and caressed it. Whoa! I didn’t see it coming! I sure was surprised!

Adie: Sorry (he repeats and points to the cabinet).

Adie: Open it. (opens the cabinet).

Adie: This one. (he points to the book with alphabet blocks).

He settled on the table with his choice of “toy” while I was left in awe over his maturity. LOL! It only shows that kids are easily influenced by what they always see and hear. There will come a time, when he’s all grown-up, when our conversations will be serious and probably lean towards technical subject like pentair pool pumps as this boy is curious how toys or things in general work. I’d surely miss this simple talks with my innocent child.

Here’s the little tyke… pa simple lang! hehe
adie reads

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