August 30th, 2008prague at night

Yesss!  We went out at past 11 pm yesterday to see the magical beauty of Prague at night.

At the Charles Bridge

From the side of the Lesser Quarter, we crossed the Charles Bridge to the other side, the Old Town.  I was surprised to see plenty of tourists even when it was already late.  At the Charles Bridge, we met two big groups of tourists mostly oldies  still very much up and about with their tour; and many other tourists from other countries.  You can only guess based on the language they speak. Its always like Babylon when you walk in Prague center.   It was also a romantic night for lovers; we’ve seen several of them.  One couple was even kissing in the middle of bridge for everyone to see.  Awww!  Prague was still very much alive at night. I think it was also because it was Friday, the start of the weekend. With all the noise from the people around us, little C who was very sleepy couldn’t sleep at all.

Me, M and Little C sitting in front of the Tyn Church.

It was in front of Tyn Cathedral that we stayed longer, just soaking ourselves in the wonderful sight before us; the Old Town all lighted up.  It was there that little C finally fell asleep.

Little C was snoring! Really!

We went home at past two am, going back the same route we trodded earlier where we met lots of party animals who were already drunk.

May 27th, 2008trip back to Praha I

I’ve been meaning to write about our thrilling and dramatic trip back to Praha but as always here I am with the same excuse, I’ve been BUSY! Okay, we left Manila on May 17 on board KLM in the morning via Amsterdam. WE were expected to arrive that evening in Praha. WE would be my dad, my mom, little C and myself. Yep, I brought my parents back with me to Europe!

Anyway our flight was delayed so we arrived in Amsterdam 30 minutes after our plane to Praha left. Waaaa! Unfortunately, it was the last flight to Praha for the day. There was no other choice for us but to stay in Amsterdam for the night courtesy of KLM. We were billeted in Van Der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 Amsterdam, the sanctuary of airline passengers who had missed or cancelled flights! We met some Filipinos who were also on the same flight as we had from Manila to Amsterdam. We arrived in the hotel only a few minutes before they closed their restaurant. Dinner was buffet style but I was very tired to even enjoy the food.

Van Der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 Amsterdam
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March 15th, 2008romantic france

If you’re in for a romantic vacation, France’s major city, Paris is a city you shouldn’t miss. This City of Light will make your ordinary day a very special one. The golden night lights of the Eiffel Tower illuminate every evening together with the beacon’ two light beams on top of it and the added glittering lights show during the first 10 minutes of each hour, adds up to highlight the beauty and structure of this best-known monument throughout Europe. You can always propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower and be amazed at the breathtaking view of Paris.

France hotels can be as low as GBP£18.00 but if you want to stay at Paris hotels near Eiffel Tower prices can start from about GBP£45.00. Paris Latin Quarter hotels also provide budget accommodation in the city of Paris. If you are looking for cheap Paris hotels or Nice hotels, a room here can cost a little bit more at GBP£22.00. Plan now your romantic vacation and book a room in one of the cheap accommodations above.

November 29th, 2007no passport? can’t travel!

Until now little C doesn’t have a passport. M has been very busy with work that he can’t even take a day off to process C’s papers. We would need this travel document by next year, when our travel plans push through.

Some of the places I want us to go to would be Germany and Austria which are both located at the border of Czech Republic. It’s only few hours or less (if you have a fast car) to get to Germany by car and about 5 hours from here to Vienna. Once we get there, there are many hotels in Berlin or hotels in Vienna where we can stay for a night or two. Read the rest of this entry »

November 24th, 2007christmas customs in Europe

I was looking for Christmas events in other parts of Europe to compare if they have different or the same practices as here in Czech Republic. It seems that the Christmas market is common to most European countries and cities including London. Lining in the streets outside different buildings and hotels in London, these small stalls offer arts and crafts, decorations and tokens for the holidays. Of course stalls selling food and drinks are ever-present for the hungry shoppers.

Other common practices are the gift-giving during Christmas, decking the house with decors, holding special concerts in wide open spaces and lighting of giant Christmas trees in the city’s center just to name a few. Read the rest of this entry »

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