October 21st, 2011Veggie Tales

When there are a lot of things to do at home, and the kids seem to conspire in keeping me on my toes with their never-ending requests, I have to admit I do the easy way out most parents do.  I open the computer and let them watch kiddie movies or videos!  As we all know, kids easily pick up what they see and hear, so its important to choose videos that are age-appropriate.

Currently my kids are loving Veggie Tales (recommended by my sister).  Its an animation with vegetable characters, and mostly based on biblical stories.  They teach values such as honesty, sharing, being helpful, etc.  What the kids like the most are those songs dubbed as Silly Songs by Larry (the cucumber character).  The videos and lyrics are funny and safe for kids to sing along with.  Its nice to hear Caity sing lines such as “God is bigger than the boogy man..” or “Stand up! stand up for what you believe innnn..”  It can go crazy like “No hair for my hairbrush, no hair! no hair! no hair! for my hairbrush!” hihi so cute. . Even little Adie is already familiar with the tunes and tries to sing along too with his own words. M and I do too!  We’re crazzzy!  If the kids have portable radios, it would be nice to play these songs in their rooms or anywhere they go.  I have to make copies of these songs to play in our car.  Our tiny tots love listening to music when we’re in the road.

If you’re looking for kid-friendly videos for your children, try Veggie Tales. They will surely love it.  Btw, my kids are ages 4 and 1.  I don’t know if it will appeal to older kids.  You can try. 🙂

May 22nd, 2008video games, anyone?

What’s your favorite video game? Mine would be Battle City. Hehehe I enjoyed playing it with my brother when we were still young. Though video games are a big hit to kids, adults are also fond of playing it. M is one of those adults! He can stay up all night just playing with his favorite video games. Just a word of caution, it can be addicting!

There are many games to enjoy! A look at Shop Wiki’s game guide will show you the current big titles and today’s favorites and also incoming video games guide. For the newbies, there’s also a gaming guide to get them started. You can also see some video accessories guide to help you in choosing the best consoles, controllers or handheld system. Once you’re ready, just holler and we’ll play!

Why is pink associated with girls? From birth, hospital would dress baby girls in pink and boys with blue. When you shop for baby’s clothes there it is again, the color coding. That’s why most of little C’s clothes are pink because we don’t have much choice when we shop.

Anyway, why am I talking about colors? Coz for the ladies out there who loves pink, I’ve got a site which they might like. The website’s name is already very attractive coz it has most women’s favorite color: PINK! Read the rest of this entry »

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