September 9th, 2013Playing with bean bags

Cats and dinos! (:

I made the kids bean bags ages ago using the oh-so-cute fabric from the Urban Zoologie collection by Ann Kelle.  I first tried filling the bags with mung beans which was an expensive choice (and it was bio!), I decided to replace it with white a kidney bean which was a practical alternative.

The first time the kids saw it, they were curious what it was and what it was for. So I showed them few ways how to play with it.  And being an open-ended toy, it encouraged them to use their imagination and come up with their own ideas for play.

Last week, I took the bean bags out and my son and I played for an hour shooting the bean bags inside the hula hoop. He had so much fun!  Since I had some chores to do, I left him playing alone and later found him engrossed, counting the bean bags.

What you can do with bean bags?
1.    Toss and catch. With a partner, you can toss the bean bag to him/her and he/she catches it and tosses it back at you. Or you can also play it alone.
2.    Shoot into a bucket. (or hula hoop for younger kids. It’s easier for them to throw it inside coz the diameter is wide).
3.    Balancing the bean bag on your head, shoulder or any body part, while walking towards the bucket where you drop it inside.
4.    My daughter uses it as beds for her ponies. Cute!

Pile ’em up!

5.    It can be used to practice counting.
6.    Got a sore body? Use it as a heating pack.  Microwave for few seconds and its ready!
7.    Hand warmers! I bet it would be great to put inside the pocket during the cold winter while waiting in the bus stop or walking out.

Oh well, don’t worry about it.  Just give it to your kids and they’ll surely find a way how to enjoy their little bean bags.  I have to admit I like squeezing it in my hand.

What’s a fun and creative way to make use of big boxes? Turn them into something your kids can play with!

Here’s what we did with the Tchibo box – we made it into a toy car!

If your kids love cars, simply use your old boxes and turn them into a colorful automobile. Let the kids draw and color on it; you can also cut out some colorful pages from a magazine and paste it on the box. Working with basic arts and crafts tools, such as cardboard boxes, scissors, crayons and paste, help kids prepare for the more advanced stuff, like clamps and dowel pins, or sewing kits and art brushes, when they grow up.

Used boxes can be turned into anything in a child’s imaginative mind. For Caity and Adie, these boxes can be a boat, a bed or a house. There are no limits on how the box will be designed or decorated. It’s a great DIY project to stimulate your kids’ creativity during playtime.

March 14th, 2013Our Easter Bunny

It took two weeks to make this one! Not because it’s difficult to make but because I couldn’t find a time to get it done.  If you have all the materials ready, and without small kids to bother you, this bunny piñata project might take only 1-2 hours.

The kids are excitedly asking me to put treats inside already, but I told them they have to wait for Easter. Meanwhile, bunny is our wall decor.

I’ll be showing how the bunny piñata was made at Easy Crafts 4u soon. (We made it from a pizza box!) So please check out the site. 😉

December 18th, 2012Christmas craft projects

The festive season of Christmas gives everyone a reason to decorate their houses. Not everyone put decors on Valentines, Halloween, etc. but Christmas? Hah!  Count everybody in to deck their houses with trimmings, lights and sparkling decors!

Stores are filled with lots of decorating stuff but I preferred to practice my beginner sewing skills and made some Christmas projects.

Christmas buntings on the wall sewn by me & the ceramic angel up there made by Caity in their school.

My little girl putting sparkling stickers on the tree in the stockings before we hung it.

and there goes the Christmas stockings

Caity making Christmas tree cone… Have to make more!

It’s really fun making all these decors!  Aside from saving few money, I get to put my craftiness (and the kids’ too)  into use.  Next on the list is to make a Christmas wreath to put outside our main door.

October 11th, 2012Simple leggings

Last night I got stuck browsing on yoga mat for sale, and spent loooongg hours on craft blogs. I went to bed feeling inspired to sew! And that’s what I did today. I have this dainty knit cloth which I bought online like 3 months ago and never got the chance to use it. I initially wanted to make it into a dress for Caity but this morning, I went for leggings after seeing a tutorial which says super simple leggings.

I took one of Caity’s existing leggings and used it as the pattern for my project, added few inches of length coz it was a bit short for her already and took the courage to step on the sewing machine! Weeeeee… after an hour, I got a really cool pair of leggings! If you look closely, its not that all refined but for a little girl’s use (which is mostly for playing!!!), it was all okay.

It makes me want to sew more leggings especially that the days are getting colder. Have to visit my fave oline store to shop for fabrics!

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