February 6th, 2008buy low, sell high

My fave chat mate isn’t back to online life yet. They are still in Manila because they are busy finalizing the papers and furnishing the condo unit; installing the aircon, drilling holes for paintings and bars, fixing the bathroom (I heard it was leaking, probably the pipe) and every tiny detail has to be set in proper order before they can leave. Then the unit will be up for sale.

Their initial plan was to lease the unit but they realized that the furniture and appliances inside are at risk of being damaged by tenants who have less regards for other people’s property. Somebody advised them that buyers are interested more in buying fully-furnished unit rather then the bare unit which still needs finishing and furnishing. Buyers usually don’t want to hassle themselves with the installation of cabinets, aircon, counters and other fixtures that’s why the demand for fully furnished condo units are high. Read the rest of this entry »

January 10th, 2008lifting you high

In construction industry, using powerful and durable machineries and equipment such as cranes is important especially in handling materials that can hold and transport heavy materials vertically. For your material handling equipment, you can rely on Shuttlelift to provide you with quality and efficient solutions. As a matter of fact, this crane manufacturer has created the largest industrial Gantry Crane in the world at 500 tons. If a customer would require much more, they can very well build it. It’s all up to the customers’ specifications.

Shuttlelift has the latest engineering tools to provide quality service, they’ve got qualified and committed people working for the company to deliver their services successfully and lastly, quality is very important for them which make the big difference among them and their competitors. All materials they use are of high quality plus they offer a warranty on their products. This is one company whose professional standards are worth emulating.

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