February 21st, 2011the importance of a data backup

Even long before my online work, when I was still in college and we had an internet cafe as a family business, I have already been observing the in’s and out’s, the do’s and dont’s, in the world of computers and in cyberspace. In fact, whatever knowledge I got has served as the foundation of my present occupation.

I have known, and this as a result of experience, that data backup is very important. If you know the necessity of bringing a spare tire when driving a vehicle, then you know the value of backing up the data of your computer work. Well, if your tire burst, you can still see it and have it repaired, but when your PC gets pfttt (could just be because of virus!) and it refuses to work, lo! Your data, when you have no backup, will be lost forever! Huhuhu Well, you can DO it all over again! Ugh!

Netbooks are very popular these days. For those who want to be online while on the go but don’t want to carry 4 kilos weight and find smartphones display too small, netbooks are the perfect choice. They’re powerful enough to do usual computer tasks like browsing the internet, watching movies, chatting, e-mailing and using programs such as Microsoft Office. They are also very affordable, ideal for students and those who are in tight budget. You can get one for less than $300.

Experts advise to get at least:

– an Intel Atom N450 CPU, 1GB of RAM
– a 160GB or larger hard drive

– Windows 7 Starter Edition
– bluetooth if you want to connect to a smart phone for mobile broadband access.

If you’re considering buying a netbook, do research which among the many brands have the best features. You can even compare prices to get the best deal.

Hubby’s work is with information technology, computers and related stuff. That’s why he and my techie bro almost understand each other, when it refers to their work. Things like computer software, computer hardware, database applications, SEO marketing, webhosting, domains, pci hosting, internet access for remote connection…whew! Techie stuffs all. There are so many techie terms I can’t catch-up with, though I learn fast (hehehe). My job is not with computers anyway, but when I encounter some IT terms I need to know more about, I just look it up and do a bit of research to learn that it means.

January 20th, 2010techie grandma

There’s a funny TV ad about a techie grandma who’s very much into computers. There’s one episode where she talked to her nephew on a webcam and mentioning some social networking sites, another ad showed her playing computer war games, and an ad where she ordered some techie stuff on the phone while asking for senior citizen discount! Lol. Cool grandma huh. I bet she’s not a newbie to the Internet and we can even learn some website infos from her such as SEO, page rank, Adsense or directory submission services. It’s nice to see the older generation catching up with technology instead of the narrow-minded “I don’t need to learn that” attitude.

September 8th, 2009better viewing pleasure

Yehey! I am now enjoying a better viewing experience with my new 19 inches monitor. It was M’s idea to buy this, which he attached to my laptop. When he asked me if I wanted a big monitor, I told him it was unnecessary. Little did I know that he ordered it anyway. I’m glad he did, coz it’s better to watch videos and pictures in a big screen compared to the former 15 inches screen of my laptop! But I miss the soft keys of my laptop. The one I am using now is a Czech keyboard which needs more force in tapping and I have to get used to the placements and functions of some keys. I’ll have to get a new keyboard so I can fully enjoy the time spent with my computer.

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