November 17th, 2009staying in a condo

Condominiums are getting to be in the demand accommodation tenants are looking especially for short-term stay. It costs less than staying in hotels and the service and amenities are good too. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an investment, owning a condo can be rewarding.

at the swimming pool
Bro and the kids, checking out the pool.

My brother who has a condo in Manila is already reaping the rewards of his investment. His condo has been mostly occupied since it was open for rental. Usual occupants are newly-weds, businessmen and travelers. It’s prime location makes it the top choice of renters because it is only minutes away from the international airport, malls and business establishments. It also has amenities such as swimming pool, gym, coffee shop and a 24/7 security that makes staying there ideal for vacationers. It’s like the myrtle beach vacation rentals, only it’s not located in the beach.

If you want a less expensive alternative to hotels but still enjoy fine accommodation, condo rental is the way to go these days.

November 9th, 2009i’m an eBay member =)

I am already a three-day old eBay member! We put up an item for bidding the previous week using my hubby’s account which brought me to browsing more of this site. I found out that it has the potential to make lucrative income if you know the right products to sell so that’s why I signed up with them. I guess I was inspired by how others were able to earn money from selling their stuff online. The process is actually very easy and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to set up. Unlike if you open a real store where you need to rent a space, fill it up with lots of merchandise, hire someone to watch it, buy a barcode scanner, cash register, etc. etc. etc. But I have to watch out, with it’s easy access to shopping, I might end up being more of a shopper than a seller! Yikes!

Gotta start collecting stuff to sell online!

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November 24th, 2008marketing with the dogs

A short info on how to successfully generate sales leads:

Increase your Business Sales Lead with a different kind of dog – the Lead Dogs.  It is a lead development company that helps business find and identify sales opportunities and generate and nurture clients. Their services have been proven effective by big companies that include Adobe, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft Business Solutions and Shell among others. If Lead Dogs worked for them, then it can work for you too!

Choose from their wide-range of marketing services:
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