February 23rd, 2011the scar that doesn’t fade

I had acne a month ago right under my nose but until now, there is still dark spot it left on its place. Usually when I have a pimple, the scar would disappear a week after but this one is a bit stubborn. This is why I don’t like getting adult acne because the scar doesn’t fade as fast as when I had it during the younger years.

Does anybody know how to treat scars? Back home, the popular remedy would be applying manteca de cacao or sebo de macho when the scar is still new.  I was told  that it is effective but don’t really know if my source is reliable. hehe  If it doesn’t ever disappear, then I guess the only option is to use a good concealer.  Ohhh, the little problems we women have. 😛

October 27th, 2010hgh?

Oh oh, I’ve found something interesting – anything that claims to “build lean muscle mass, reduce wrinkles, improve the skin, increase energy, and revitalize health and wellness” is surely attractive. So I read some more. Who knows I can get something out of it to help me with my wellness….and beauty of course.

But it seems this hgh releasers may be better. Is taking this the safe and effective way to achieve one’s goals of beauty and wellness? Provided there is not any form of synthetic HGH injections, for surely this will not be safe anymore.

You know, anything synthetic is not natural, so this will cause damage due to side effects. In everything we do, it is really better to go natural. Better be careful!

In choosing supplements, good considerations are: safety, ingredient quality, customer feedback, company reputation; you can add reorder rates and customer service.

October 22nd, 2010what’s epiduo?

As I’ve been conscious of my skin sensitivity, I read the literature of whatever skin treatment, be it ointment or gel, that comes my way. It will help me know what are good for me or not.

I’ve come across the epiduo, a derma gel mostly for acne, the generic name of which is “adapalene and benzoyl peroxide”. It is therefore a combination of adapalene, which is similar to vitamin A, which helps the skin renew itself. Benzoyl peroxide on the other hand is anti-bacterial; it allows excess oil and dirt to be easily washed away from the skin.

Will this be good for me? I wonder. I may try it one time, but only after checking with my dermatologist, and see if she recommends it.

September 16th, 2010still the same?

On our recent reunion with my siblings, they commented that I gained few bulges here and there. They’re teasing me that I am pregnant again! I can’t deny it coz I can see it in our pictures. Geeezzzz! Even my brother was concerned about my belly. Hahaha He was suggesting what fat burners to use in order to get rid of my bloating belly.

That was over a month ago. I don’t know if my tummy flattened a bit or not. But I feel it did. 😀 Everytime I eat, I keep saying I’ll eat less the NEXT meal, but it’s really hard especially when the foods on the table are those that I miss eating for a loooonnggg time! Huh!

June 6th, 2010getting rid of belly fat

Oftentimes, I’d like to picture myself the way I was before I got pregnant. When I was still carrying the baby and had not delivered yet, I’d like to think that after pregnancy, I’ll get over my big tummy and be back to my former slim frame. The reality however looms at present: I still need to reduce and look for practical ways to rid belly fat.

There are many options for those who plan to slim down and lose unwanted weight. For instance, I’ve read about a certain fat reducer which claims to rid belly fat. As I read more how this is done, I’ve found out that one way is inhibiting a stress hormone that causes feelings of hunger and encourages stress eating, even when you are not hungry. Another one helps build lean muscle, burn belly fat, block fat absorption, and suppress your appetite. Another method is through a preparation which burns fat, builds lean muscle, increases metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Those who are keen on taking fat burners should really research on which one is the best for their biological makeup and medical background.

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