January 25th, 2011adie turned one

It was Adie’s first birthday yesterday.  It was snowing all day, but that didn’t stop friends from coming over to celebrate with us.

It was a fun night with the girlfriends yet crazy as well coz the kids (though they were only three), caused a lot of riot.  They opened Adie’s gift, they were fighting over the toys, and they were even crying coz they also wanted to blow the birthday candle. But the birthday boy was cool over it and didn’t mind the competition at all.

Adie got lots of clothes, and few toys, thanks to her beautiful titas.  At his age, he still doesn’t know what he wants. When he’s big, he might request for a bike, iphone, rustic furniture or scooter.

Big sis Caity was too quick to open the gift before Adie can even get to it. Hahaha

Caity with Nikki tearing the gift wrapper. But where is the birthday boy?

Again, where’s Adie? hahaha  So hilarious!

This morning when I looked at the pictures from our camera, and that from our friends’, I found out that Adie doesn’t even have a decent picture of his special day.  So I put on his birthday clothes and set him up in front of his birthday banner and took lots of pics.  With just me and him, the pictorial went well.  That’s the first pic posted above. 🙂  Shhh It’s a secret between you and me, ok?

January 19th, 2011the giant baby

This little boy will turn 1 next week already! My baby is going to be a toddler!

He’s a fast walker, almost running. Even if I put him at the end of the room, he still catches up with me. Whew! It’s funny when I move around the house, he follows me like a shadow. Sometimes when I open the door to a room, he goes inside before I do! One time M went to the hallway to get something then came back in and closed the door. He didn’t notice that little Adie went there too. So the little boy was left behind in the hallway. hehehe

a little trivia:
When Adie was 6 months old, he has the same weight as when Caity was 12 months.
Adie’s 10 months weight = Caity’s 18 months weight.

He’s really big compared to Caity. I don’t know where to took that from. I am small and not fat (ehehehe), even if I keep mentioning about best diet pills. Maybe he got it from M’s side. The guys from their side are tall. One friend calls Adie a giant baby. hehehe Someday, he will be towering over me na! Yikes!

December 10th, 2010adie is walking!

Yipeee! I’ve mentioned before that the little boy had walked twice already but I wasn’t able to record it. Yesterday, he walked again in many steps. I then had the idea of drilling him to walk, until he gets confident in himself. I’d let him stand beside the sofa so he can hold unto it, then I’d call him to me. He’d walk towards me still holding on until he lets go and starts taking few steps on his own. I did this many times and since yesterday, he has been walking a lot!

He’s getting the hang of walking yet. Sometimes he still crawls but I can say that he’s walking like 70-80% already. At 10 months, it is quite advance.

So this was yesterday:

And this was earlier in the morning:

He is improving!

So now I should be worried coz once he masters the art of walking, he will conquer a wider territory and will be able to reach more things. Pretty soon I will be seeing him run around the house. Running after him won’t be such a bad idea. It is a good exercise for the heart and for the body. Yeah! I’m feeling conscious about body weight after reading lipofuze reviews in the internet today. teehee!  Anyway, I am really happy with my little boy’s development.  I am looking forward for more surprises to come!

December 8th, 2010some of adie’s antics

The little crawler is fond of going under the tables and other small, tight spaces. Even if I put boxes to block him from crawling under, he still finds a way to go through the barrier. I get exhausted picking him up and putting him to the open space, only to find him crawling back when I’m not looking.  Whew!

I’ve made a slideshow to share with you what the little boy has been doing.

It can be amusing and cute, but when I have to do other things, it isn’t funny at all Adie!  Well at least I won’t be needing compression stockings with all the running around I’m doing with this little fellow.  I know this is nothing, compared to the time when he starts to walk! Ayayay!

Ever heard of the Christmas song that goes “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth…“? Well, maybe my baby Adie had the same wish too coz his second front tooth has already come out, and it’s not even Christmas yet. 🙂

He made six steps again today, but unfortunately I didn’t get to record it! huhuhu! I hope next time I’ll be lucky!

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