We just had a very relaxing vacation from Croatia which most of the time was spent in the sea! That’s the main reason why we were there anyway. Down by the apartment we were staying was a pebbled beach cove with the clearest water!  The sun’s reflection on the water glitters like swarovski chandeliers ! It was a rocky walk every time which was therapeutic! But, ouch! hehe

I brought home few stones as souvenirs which are now in our balcony. If we had a house, I would be tempted to bring big ones which would be a pretty landscape element! I love how the stones have these streaks of white as if somebody drew on it.

For today’s art time, I let the kids paint the stones with water color; an activity they both enjoyed, transforming the surface into a more interesting and colorful one!

We can always wash the colors off and paint them again for another art session. Thanks Croatia for providing the material! (: