February 8th, 2014Can you see what I see?

Oh, this book is so cool! I’m glad I picked it from the pile of books for sale without even giving much thought. I was simply attracted to the colorful pictures and when Adie started counting some of the objects there (The boy is into counting everything and anything!), I immediately decided to buy it. Little did I know that it was like an I Spy book. Well, the guy Walter Wick is THE brilliant photographer of I Spy books!

Because Adie has many toy cars, I thought “why not make the traffic jam real?”. Adie and I recreated the scene with all the cars lined up in rows. Then I placed random small things when the little boy wasn’t looking and let him find them. It was fun!

Do you want to play? Can you see what I see?
A pink owl, a light bulb. Two Eiffel towers.  A dog, a cat.  A penguin. A stop sign.
The rest are not so visible in the photo. Anyway, did you see the mentioned items?

One fine evening, our little Adie (who’s growing up fast as an active and energetic kid) entertained us with a mini concert. He delighted us by singing three songs – one each for Czech, English and Filipino languages. The English song was “Twinkle twinkle, little star” which we all know so dearly as kids. The Filipino song was “Bahay Kubo” which is about living a simple life in a farm with different varieties of veggies planted in the backyard.
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February 1st, 2013He’s three!

Exactly a week ago, our little boy turned 3!

We survived the so-called “terrible twos” stage, which wasn’t that terrible. Hoping for another exciting year with Adie, as he takes a plunge into year three!  It’s not gonna be easy with his temper tantrums.  And I’m kinda immune to his “i don’t like MAMAAAAA or Tata, or Caity“, or whatever-it-is when he is upset.  I’ve learned how to deal with that.  But I admit its embarrassing when other people hear it. Hah!

August 4th, 2012Potty training Adie

We started weaning off Adie from diapers sometime in the middle of June.  We tried to let him take off his pants, and sit on the potty chair to which he obliged.  Yey!  First step was a success!  Every 5 minutes or so, we’d tell him to sit in the potty to wee-wee.  M and I, were like broken records. We did this about four hours on the first day which resulted to some mishaps; a wet chair, or a wet spot in the carpet, we really didn’t mind.  The important thing was that he would sit in his potty without any coaxing at all!  The next day, we were all rewarded with a pool of wee in the potty.  Are you kidding me? Second day? Wow! How we all cheered for Adie.  It was EUFA season, and all of us went shouting as if the Czech team scored a goal. “JO!” and we clapped our hands till they turned red!

Adie sitting in his throne…

Every time he does it right, we’d go “JO!!!!” Adie probably liked the idea that his act can make us all go in a frenzy and that was enough encouragement for him to pee in the potty. It was just a few hours of training at the start and not really everyday coz there were times that I was busy or we’re out.  There were also lapses, especially when I failed to remind him or when he’s too occupied with playing.  There were times that I’d grumble when cleaning his mess or washing heavy cushion pillows. It would have been nice if our our couch is made of leather or if the floor isn’t carpeted ; cleaning leather couch is easier!

Anyway, I can happily report that Adie is now 80% potty-trained.  He doesn’t anymore wear diapers in his waking hours, only during his nap time and at night and when we’re out in closed places.  When we’re in the playground, he’s running around diaper-free! So yes, its possible to potty-train kids without using fancy potty chairs with blinking lights or flushing sounds, or giving out candies as rewards; I’d say when the child is ready, he’d willingly take his part.

Next task at hand is how to wean him off totally!

We bought a clothes rack which I plan to use for hanging my bags (with S hooks or rings), like the ones I saw in Pinterest:



But before I can even start with my project, the kids already have found something else to do with it:





They kick or let the ball roll in between the two bottom bars…



Third use for them – the kids would sit on the cushions placed on the bottom bars while I pushed the clothes rack as they sang “the wheels on the bus go round and round…

Until now, their new toy is in the living room.  I’m still unsure if I’ll go ahead with my original plan coz the kids are having so much fun with it! (:

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