For my birthday this year, I wanted to get myself a guitar. I thought it would be cool to jam along with the kids. All of my siblings know how to play this instrument and they used to teach me how to use it but my tiny fingers weren’t any good in doing the job! One of my fondest memories was hanging out in our balcony at night with the gang, while one of them would play the guitar and the rest would sing songs.

I was in a hurry to buy the guitar and I didn’t even ask any of my sisters or brothers for advice on how to choose. I just browsed online, chose the simplest one and presto! The order was done! I even bought online! Haha I should probably have browsed more or looked at but I reasoned out to myself that I don’t need anything fancy, just a simple guitar that can play would do! It turned out a bought a classical guitar. 😀 One advantage was, it was slim and small which was just appropriate for me.

The challenge is now on me. I am learning by watching You Tube videos, and hopefully in a decade I’ll master at least one song. haha