Being parents, we usually forget to give time out to ourselves which is much needed to nurture a healthy marriage. M and I always plan activities for our kids, and where to take them for fun, (we’re good at that!) without thinking about ourselves. When M’s parents suggested to us that they can watch the kids for the weekend, we thought, okay now is our chance for an “US” time! The last time M and I had our couple getaway was when we were in the Philippines two years ago. Such a long time already!

I asked my friends who are travel buffs for ideas where to go in Czech Republic. I can’t rely on M with this one. I asked him where we’ll go and he just replied “anywhere with you”. That’s sweet but not helpful at all! I wanted to be close to nature coz I wanted a quiet and relaxed weekend. My friends’ suggestions made me realize there are still many places in CZ that I have to see! In the end we picked Cesky Raj. I have long wanted to see it but it slipped my mind. Good thing it was mentioned in one forum during my search.

We went through narrow passage between rocks, hopped from a rock to another rock, and climbed some steep trails, at times catching our breath. But the rest of the paths were easy. Even little kids can managed it. But I’m glad OUR kids were not there!

On our way back to our hotel, we were rewarded with wild blackberries, free to pick! We spent the rest of the day relaxing, and enjoyed a quiet dinner later. But still, we couldn’t take our minds off the kids, and we were planning another treat for them in between bites. 😛