The first weekend of spring was a mix of sun and rain. Saturday was such a fine day. We spent the morning admiring the flowers, sitting under the warmth of the sun and biking (yeah, me too!). After lunch the kids wanted to go out again. This time C was on her roller skates and little A rode his scooter. M went with them, while I stayed and tidied up the house. They later came back and wanted to ride their bikes again. (:

I started my day with this breakfast.  I’m happy with the new silicone waffle mould I bought!

C was pretending it was her house. Flower house!

Hello daisies!

Our early dinner at 5 in the afternoon!

Sunday was rainy, after the Mass we decided to stay home the whole day. I made the kids a cozy corner where they can snuggle with their fave stuffed toys and read their books. What is C reading?  She’s got the book  Bernard & Bianca (of the movie The Rescuers) in Czech which she borrowed from the library. Little A has Roary, the racing car.

I think the kids were also tired after yesterday’s activities and welcomed the relaxing break. I on the other hand, did some crafty work.

How about you? How was your weekend? I hope you had a nice one!