Oh, this book is so cool! I’m glad I picked it from the pile of books for sale without even giving much thought. I was simply attracted to the colorful pictures and when Adie started counting some of the objects there (The boy is into counting everything and anything!), I immediately decided to buy it. Little did I know that it was like an I Spy book. Well, the guy Walter Wick is THE brilliant photographer of I Spy books!

Because Adie has many toy cars, I thought “why not make the traffic jam real?”. Adie and I recreated the scene with all the cars lined up in rows. Then I placed random small things when the little boy wasn’t looking and let him find them. It was fun!

Do you want to play? Can you see what I see?
A pink owl, a light bulb. Two Eiffel towers.  A dog, a cat.  A penguin. A stop sign.
The rest are not so visible in the photo. Anyway, did you see the mentioned items?