Adie and his friends during their class' Christmas celebration.

Adie and his friends during their class’ Christmas celebration.

Parents are always proud of their kids’ talents and achievements. Nothing beats seeing your little one playing a complicated piano piece or gracefully dancing to a ballet number. This is why I’m starting my own kids early in their own journey of music and art. I try to make it fun and creative with them so they can get the most from these activities and learn a lot.

If budget is not an issue, I’m sure parents would find ways to encourage their kids in music, such as investing in a musical instrument their child is interested in – drums, guitar, piano or I bet they won’t even mind buying a hohner accordion at Musicians Friend if that’s the instrument their kid wants to learn how to play.

Recently I enrolled Adie in music class where music is introduced to young kids in the form of dancing, singing and they even have arts and crafts. I also let Caity take flute lessons in their school. So far, I am so pleased with the results. Any mom would be proud when she sees her little kids having fun in music class and interacting with the teacher and their classmates.