One fine evening, our little Adie (who’s growing up fast as an active and energetic kid) entertained us with a mini concert. He delighted us by singing three songs – one each for Czech, English and Filipino languages. The English song was “Twinkle twinkle, little star” which we all know so dearly as kids. The Filipino song was “Bahay Kubo” which is about living a simple life in a farm with different varieties of veggies planted in the backyard.

The little boy sings well and in a charming manner which makes me a proud mom. Maybe we’ll turn up the sound more next time with audio equipment such as one of those celestion speakers at guitar center. LOL. Adie was flashing his adorable smile while singing in a cute accent for the “Bahay Kubo” song. Anyway, I took a video of his mini concert and shared it with family and friends who enjoyed watching him as well.