What’s a fun and creative way to make use of big boxes? Turn them into something your kids can play with!

Here’s what we did with the Tchibo box – we made it into a toy car!

If your kids love cars, simply use your old boxes and turn them into a colorful automobile. Let the kids draw and color on it; you can also cut out some colorful pages from a magazine and paste it on the box. Working with basic arts and crafts tools, such as cardboard boxes, scissors, crayons and paste, help kids prepare for the more advanced stuff, like clamps and dowel pins, or sewing kits and art brushes, when they grow up.

Used boxes can be turned into anything in a child’s imaginative mind. For Caity and Adie, these boxes can be a boat, a bed or a house. There are no limits on how the box will be designed or decorated. It’s a great DIY project to stimulate your kids’ creativity during playtime.