Whenever we order stuff in bulk which is packed in big boxes, the kids immediately know what to do with the box.  It becomes their new toy.  They will pretend its a house, a car, a boat, a bed, anything their creative minds can think of.  When our Tchibo box arrived on December, the kids got all excited.  Caity declared it as their car.  I then took out their colored pens and crayons and started drawing on it windows, kids’ head, tires and so on which prompted her to color and draw the box as well.

Caity drawing windows & kids on the box.

The kids checking out if everything is complete. Later Caity asked to even put the Mazda logo at the front and back.

Beep, beep! Make way for Caity and Adie!

Give us any box and we’ll surely make use of it.  Pizza boxes, cereal boxes, corrugated boxes, you name it, it becomes a useful material for our craft sessions at home.  You should also! (: