Yohooo!  We’ve just came back from our six-day vacation in Barcelona with lots of pictures.  Last night, M transferred the pictures to the PC and we enjoyed watching them + reminiscing.  We stayed up late coz of it!  We had to weed out unnecessary ones to save some disk space as each pic has a size of about 6MB.   Sometimes the viewer freezes, which makes me think we need to speed up xp, aw no, we’re using Windows 7 already!

Anyway, Barcelona was amazing! I felt like being in the Philippines, seeing signs that I would see back home and the food… well, let’s say it was food heaven for me.  I was finally able to eat sea foods again and discovered choricitos (obviously it means mini chorizos)! Well, it makes sense, having been colonized by Spain for 333 years, we adapted a lot of their language, food, and ways.

Sharing a little of the thousand pics we have!

this is for my dad, who loves to read his “periodico” everyday, that was before online news came about.

it would have been nice to see what’s inside La Boqueria Market. unfortunately, it was closed when we came.

Casa Batllo by Antonio Gaudi.

Placa de Catalunya.

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

The Columbus Monument at Port Vell.

and this is the yummy little goodness they call choricitos!

I ate Paella thrice and ate plenty of sea foods!  Six days weren’t enough to try all the food. teehee! (:

And it was because of this adorable niño (M’s nephew), who celebrated his 1st birthday that we came to Barcelona, the rest were just extras. 😉