I guess this will be a yearly activity for us. The kids especially the little girl enjoys it a lot, and she’s good at picking pumpkins. hehe Actually, she got a little carried away and bought lots of pumpkin to last us for a …. month? I’ve been browsing the net like crazy for different recipes using pumpkin for the past hours.

Anyway, I’m sharing some pics here which I hope won’t give you an eye sore from all the orange-y colors! (:

After going through entrance room, everyone is greeted with a sand pit with toys and this is where our little Adie spent most of his time. Caity, had a blast with the other bigger kids climbing and jumping on piles of hay, and walking through the pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke maze and most of all, choosing pumpkins to be brought home! There were also cows, sheep and chickens to pet. Ahhh, too many things to do for kids there. I’m glad it was a warm day.

So here’s our harvest which doesn’t include the two big ones that we’ll give to the school.

It will be a busy week for me cooking PUMPKINS!!!  That is, if the kids will me.  They’re quite attached to it and treat it like toys. But they willingly gave me two green ones for baking tonight. :/

I’m curious if its easy to grow this plant. I should have asked the farmer and offered him famous cigars in exchange for useful information. Hmmm… I would love to try planting this next year.