We’re back in Prague! It’s been five days since we returned from our vacation in the Philippines. It was a short three-week visit, the shortest of all the vacations I had there; I usually stay there for three months.

It was short but well-spent. We got to see beautiful places, none of us got sick, and all the planning I did went smoothly except for some minor glitches that turned to our advantage. Mother’s Day was spent in my uncle’s place in Silay where they prepared lots of yummy Negrense food! I had my birthday in Boracay with the whole gang (Dad, Mom and my sister included); my pretty niece flew in from Cebu and we were able to visit the local scenic spots in Negros. Then M and I had our three days Palawan escapade without the kids; gazillion thanks to my sister Carey for taking care of the kids while we were away! We went to see the Underground River, which was recently named as one of the new 7 wonders of the world; we even managed to do the Honda Bay island hopping before we flew to Manila. We also toured Corregidor Island for a day.

Afternoon feast @ my uncle’s place on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day dinner @ a thai resto.

Birthday in Boracay.

The gang @ Boracay.

@ Pacific Shores, Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

Our happy family. (:

Going inside the Underground River in Palawan

@ the Underground River, Palawan.

@ Pandan Island, Palawan.

@ Corregidor Island.

@ Corregidor Island.

All in all, it was really a fun time spent with my loved ones, and I‘m sure my family was glad to have us around and have enjoyed the company of the two adorable kids. M also had a lovely time seeing Philippines’ beauty; he got to eat to his heart’s content all the delicious seafood, mangoes, coconuts, etc. which he was prohibited to eat the last time we were there because he developed some skin disease after their Mt. Apo climb. It was a well-deserved treat for him!

Most importantly, I am fortunate that my parents are still around and are still very much healthy; they’re the reason why I make sure we go home as often as we can despite the travel/vacation expenses. With the four of us, travelling can really be costly. The kids’ fare cost about 75% that of the adult. Whew! We could have used the money to invest in some income-generating project or buy gold coins, but nothing is more important than being with the people we love!