I still haven’t rested well from our looong and tiring trip from Prague to Negros but we had to go to the city earlier today to buy some essentials for the kids, like milk, diapers, etc. and also to eat what Bacolod City is best known for, its chicken inasal.

On the drive from our small city to Bacolod, I couldn’t help but notice all the many developments that took place less than 2 years I was away. There was the new flyover in front of the Pepsi Cola Bottlers plant, and the terminal for jeepneys and buses, the Ayala mall thats underconstruction, lots of building establishments sprouting everywhere, and the traffic that’s getting worse as the place is progressing. My once silent hometown is slowly becoming like the busy Cebu.

Residential buildings can’t be outdone too, as the subdivisions are slowly filling in with new houses. There are also plenty of affordable housing units available like the Wilmington nc homes for sale Whew! I felt like being away for decades with all the changes I see.

The next time I come back, the Ayala Mall that’s being constructed will probably be finished and operational then. That’s good news coz we don’t have to go far for shopping as its location is just a few meters from where we live.