If I’m dreaming of the pristine beauty of Palawan and the blue sea,  it’s all because of my friend FK who recently posted their vacation pics in P.I. in her Facebook.

It makes me want to jump right into the water!!!

coron beach
Coron Beach, Palawan.

coron palawan
View of Kayangan Lake.

Awesome, right? I told you so, you can’t blame me for daydreaming especially on this chilly winter. My friend uploaded hundreds of enticing pics there, all seem to be magnetizing me to that paradise. And guess what? Somebody up there is trying to weave this dream into what could probably be a reality coz I found a nice package deal for a 3D/2N trip to Coron. Oohhhlala!  WHooppsss! Got one problem though, Coron is in Philippines and I’m here in Prague! First, I will need wings or pixie dust to fly there, then I’d slump a backpack on my back and off I go.  Do you want to come with me?  Dreaming is free for all!

*Photo credits: KaFlo.