I had this interesting conversation with my 2 year-old yesterday. [It’s STILL surreal to think that he’s already 2 (2 days ago). I have to get used counting his age by years and not by months. hmmmm or I can choose both.]. It’s nice that my little cave man has learned to communicate like a real human (or at least trying to be) showing the right manners .

So while I was puttering with the PC, he took my hand and pulled me.

Adie: Come mama, come. (saying it in his very soft voice).

He stands on the kiddie table placed beside the cabinet where some of the toys are hidden. Motions me to “Open it, please“. ( rubs palms together, which is typical for Czech kids when they want something while saying please. That’s the first time I saw him doing that!)

Adie: “This one”. (points to the cabinet)

I tried to bribe him first before following his request.

Me: Hug mama, Adie. hug mama!”

Adie: Ne! (He pushes me away defiantly).

Me: huhuhu (I gave a fake cry).

Adie: Sorry. (regret plastered all over his face).

I gave him another sad look, he reaches for my head and caressed it. Whoa! I didn’t see it coming! I sure was surprised!

Adie: Sorry (he repeats and points to the cabinet).

Adie: Open it. (opens the cabinet).

Adie: This one. (he points to the book with alphabet blocks).

He settled on the table with his choice of “toy” while I was left in awe over his maturity. LOL! It only shows that kids are easily influenced by what they always see and hear. There will come a time, when he’s all grown-up, when our conversations will be serious and probably lean towards technical subject like pentair pool pumps as this boy is curious how toys or things in general work. I’d surely miss this simple talks with my innocent child.

Here’s the little tyke… pa simple lang! hehe
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