It’s difficult to pretend that life is okay when others are having a hard time coping with their sorrow, their loss and their harrowing experience. The calamity brought about by Typhoon Sendong that hit the Northern Mindanao death toll is said to have reached 1,000 and probably will still rise as many bodies are found and yet many more are missing. Dead bodies are dumped in landfill because the funeral parlors have too many corpses already.
As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us not forget our unfortunate brothers who terribly need our help.

It will take some time to clean up the debris caused by the flash floods and put everything into order; they might need trash pump for that. For now, coffins are badly needed for the rotting corpses. For those who lost their loved ones, the healing process might take long. For some, the scars might never heal at all. Let’s pray for the victims that they might find comfort and be able to surpass their tragic ordeal.

Pictures taken from the internet. If you’re the owner, please message me so I can give proper credit. Thanks!