The title says for the kids but let me be specific, I actually mean MY KIDS!

Lately, family and friends have been asking us for tips on what gifts to give our kiddies this Christmas. I’m glad they asked! We’ve heard of gift-giving mishaps and kids not liking what they receive. To avoid that, better ask the person who knows these kids well, better than just predicting or assuming their likes. Heehee! Here goes the gifts for kids:

1. Toys that encourage the kids to be creative.
Think art supplies (crayons, watercolors, colored pencils, etc.), clay, DIY kits, etc. My kids love to doodle, color and paint, everyday without fail! I think we have more than enough artworks to open an exhibit. 😛

easel fashion bracelets
origami pop stick art

2. Toys that make them think and learn.
BOOKS, Puzzles, building toys, wooden (alphabet,numbers or animals) blocks, Legos, etc.

puzzles lego2

nesting blocks

3. Musical toys. My kids would pretend blowing the trumpet, as influenced by one of the songs from their fave show Veggie Tales. Last Christmas, they mostly got musical instruments but they don’t have xylophone and guitar and yes, trumpet!

trumpet guitar

4. Ride on toys – any kids would love this. Caity is asking for a scooter.
5. Toys they’ll surely love. Adie is a typical boy. He’s into cars, trains, anything that has wheels. Both kids like dog and they go to sleep with their stuffed dog toys. A few weeks back, Caity saw a pink poodle toy that she’s crazy about and a toy rabbit in a cage. She’d be the happiest girl if she’d get it on Christmas.
train set
6. Useful stuff like clothing, shoes… hmmmm car, house, hehe
7. Passes for zoos, museums, kiddie shows, etc. I know one little girl who was given an annual family pass to the zoo by her grandparents. They got to see the animals often especially during summer. A very smart gift to give to a kid.
8. GIFT OF TIME. The best! It surpasses all the gifts mentioned above.

That’s it! I hope it helps you decide what gifts for kids you’d buy. Happy shopping!