Last Friday was a day of death for Caity’s two footwear, the sole of her Hello Kitty shoes for classroom use got torn and later that night, the strap of her pink flip-flops’ snapped. She was brokenhearted. Two broken shoes in a day is too much for a little girl. We promised to replace her school shoes that weekend as the pair didn’t have any chance of getting fixed. The flip-flops however had some hope of being transformed into something, but how? I didn’t have any idea.

My browsing mom blogs this week have paid off anyway, and I found the perfect solution how to salvage the pair.

Looks okay but after my little girl tried and tested it, she declared that she doesn’t like it. Ouch!  The straps kept falling which made Caity a bit annoyed.  I’ll re-do it when I have the chance.

And would you believe, I made this out of recycled plastic bottle?

Leopard print!

Recyling plastic bottles into bracelets
Flip-flop Refashion