Adie can get too preoccupied when he plays. With deep concentration, he’d be sitting in one corner, getting his little hands busy with what he can find around him.

The night before our Austria trip, he got so engrossed putting together legos, he complained a lot when he stopped him for his bedtime.  It looks like his making a building. (:

Adie @ 18 months.

Then today, while I was in the kitchen doing chores, I heard a busy pitter patter of steps from the living room to our bedroom, which went back and forth. I couldn’t resist the urge to peek at what the little boy was up to. Well, well, well, look what he was doing.

Busy si Adie assembling his wooden toy train. He didn’t even notice or hear me, like he had ipod nano headphones on his ears!

I left him playing there and went back to my work.  Later, when all was quiet as Adie was napping, I noticed his toy train by the door.  I couldn’t help but smile.

Good job, Adie!

Oh, and here’s another of him playing with toblerone, lining them on the armrest some few months back.

Adie at 17 months.

Wow! When I see my kids create something, I easily get awed. (: And I truly think it deserves to be documented!