A friend of mine who hasn’t gone home to the Philippines for seven years is excited and also nervous coz she will finally be able to fly home with her daughter this month. WOw! seven years is a long time! Her family must have missed her so much.

Since she will flying with the same airline (Korean Air) we flew the last time, she was asking me a lot about the travel, the stop-over, how it is in Cebu, etc.

She is more worried about the 7 hours stop-over in Seoul… :)  I told her that it will pass by fast, coz most of the time they will be sleeping anyway, from the tiresome flight. If I was able to get through the long wait with two kids (age 3 and 8 months old), then there’s no reason why she can’t.

I advised her to be extra careful especially when commuting in public transport because there are many hold-ups and theft happening even in broad daylight. For sure this Christmas season, the thieves will be working extra too so they can also celebrate Christmas. Huhuh… at the expense of other people that is!

I told her not carry plenty of cash and to keep her valuables like mobile phone or ipad in a safe place. Or better yet, not bring it especially if she goes by public transport. If she has ipad insurance, then it won’t be so bad, but still losing a valuable item while on vacation is a worst thing to happen.

But then, even with all the thefts happening there, spending Christmas in the Philippines with loved ones is still the best.